4 Heating & Energy-Saving Myths Debunked

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How To Actually Save On Heating Costs

Not all energy conservation tips are created equal. While some winter energy-saving tips recommended by experts can help homeowners effectively reduce monthly utility bills and keep indoor space warm, abiding by common energy myths can result in frigid air and high heating costs. Don’t let the following four myths lead you astray. Instead, let Bloomington Heating & Air — your local HVAC company — help keep your indoor comfort high and your energy bills low with high-quality residential HVAC maintenance and professional furnace services. Contact us today for more tips on saving energy and to schedule residential HVAC services.

Myth 1: HVAC Maintenance Won’t Help Lower My Monthly Utility Bills

While there are many common misconceptions and myths about energy savings and heating, this is among the top myths that can prevent a home from retaining warm air and maintaining top efficiency. One of the most effective ways to reduce your heating costs is scheduling regularly planned HVAC system tune-ups and furnace maintenance. Dirty exhaust filters and a poorly maintained heating unit can quickly reduce the efficiency of your heating system and may even result in an unexpected system breakdown and the need for emergency heating repair. A properly working furnace or heating system, however, costs much less to operate than an unserviced system that is unable to adequately heat your indoor living space.

Myth 2: Setting The Thermostat Higher Heats Your Home Faster

Cranking the thermostat to a high heat setting to quickly warm your home is similar to repeatedly pressing an elevator button to make it arrive faster — it’s not going to make a difference. Thermostats communicate with and direct HVAC systems to heat or cool to a specific temperature. Setting a higher temperature will not influence the speed at which the HVAC system functions, but it will waste a significant amount of energy. Instead, consider installing a programmable thermostat for better automation, individualized control, and greater accuracy over your home’s heating and cooling system. Our skilled HVAC technicians can help you choose the best model for your home heating and AC needs.

Myth 3: Space Heaters Are More Efficient Than Home Heating Systems

Electric space heaters come in handy for providing warmth to a small-size, well-insulated room for a short period of time. However, using space heaters is among the least efficient methods for heating a home. Space heaters require a significant amount of energy to operate and are underpowered for the amount of electricity they consume — in most cases, it would be cheaper to heat an entire house with the home’s heating system than to warm one or two rooms with an electric heater. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to heat a room — as well as additional seasonal HVAC energy tips — we recommend calling Bloomington Heating & Air for professional advice and top-tier residential heating and cooling services in Minnesota.

Myth 4: Closing Vents & Registers In Unused Rooms Saves Energy

Heating systems are selected for furnace installation based on the size of the home. Contrary to popular belief, closing the air vents and registers in an empty room will not make the rest of the home warmer — but it can cause your heating system to unevenly disperse heat and result in the need for furnace repair, as the system works overtime due to unnecessary strain. Instead of closing the registers in your home, call our home heating and cooling company to ensure that your furnace functions optimally and can heat your home with the most efficiency. Schedule an HVAC system inspection today!

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