Heating System Services

With Bloomington’s sub-freezing temperatures, it is important to have a heating system that can keep your entire home and family warm and comfortable day and night. At Bloomington Heating & Air, we are dedicated to providing you with quality products and services so that you can stay warm when the temperatures drop without having to worry about your system. We provide professional heating repairs and heating installations including gas furnace installation, gas furnace repair and electric heating repair, * scheduled system maintenance checks, and system cleanings. We also offer 24/7 emergency heat service so that you never have to endure the freezing temperatures if your heating system stops working unexpectedly.

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Heating & Furnace Repairs in Bloomington, MN

*Bloomington Heating & Air does not service boilers, hydronic, attic, or high velocity systems.

At Bloomington Heating & Air, our customers are our No. 1 priority, and we strive to maintain the highest quality in heating system services. If you are experiencing issues with your heating system and need a maintenance check, a repair, or a replacement, contact Bloomington Heating & Air today.

Furnace Installation

There are various heater options Bloomington, MN, residents can choose from within our inventory of heating products, including residential gas furnaces. Gas furnaces offer great heat efficiency that can warm your entire home in minimal time to achieve a desired comfort level. If you are considering having a heating furnace installed in your home, professionals at Bloomington Heating & Air can perform the installation and ensure that everything is working properly.

Heating Systems Repair & Maintenance

Heating systems become essential during the cold months in Bloomington, MN. Unfortunately, with systems running day and night to maintain the desired temperature in the home they can sometimes experience issues and either not warm the air sufficiently or not warm it at all. If your system is experiencing heating problems, we provide Bloomington furnace repair, residents can trust to keep their systems running smoothly.

Common factors that could be the cause of your heating not working include:

  • Dirty filters blocking airflow and causing the heating system to work harder.
  • A faulty thermostat that could create problems when setting the desired heating temperature.
  • The heater being used is not the correct size to warm your entire home to a comfortable level.
  • A mechanical or electrical problem could be affecting the system’s overall performance.

Scheduled maintenance is very important to prolong the life and ensure the proper functioning of your heating system. Regular checkups will help prevent small issues from turning into larger problems that could potentially damage your entire system. A well-maintained heating system will reduce the need for repairs, reduce utility bills, and provide a more comfortable environment. At Bloomington Heating & Air, we can take care of all your heating system’s maintenance needs and provide you the necessary heating system services. Contact us today to schedule heating maintenance or repair services in Bloomington, MN.