How To Keep Bugs Away From The HVAC Unit

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Our homes are where we’re most comfortable; they shelter us from harsh weather, grant us privacy, and (most importantly) that’s where we store our snacks! Unfortunately, all the reasons our homes are attractive to us are the same reasons why they’re attractive to pests. Bugs are always looking for new ways to infiltrate our homes, and HVAC systems present an easy way for them to do so. Worse yet, pests can damage HVAC components over time, potentially causing degraded indoor air quality and malfunctions that require repairs.

If you’ve got bugs coming through vents, moving throughout your home’s ductwork highway, preventative measures such as sealing ducts, cleaning the HVAC’s outdoor unit, and scheduling routine maintenance can help pest-proof your home’s HVAC system.

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Trim Around Outdoor Units

A home’s outdoor air conditioning unit is the most susceptible to bugs. Ants, in particular, are drawn to the AC unit’s condenser due to its electromagnetic field. Other pests will settle for the condenser’s roomy interior. The best way to prevent bugs from making their way into a home’s outdoor unit is by clearing away any nearby shrubs, tree branches, or tall grass that could act as a bridge between pests and the unit. Additionally, make sure the outdoor unit has been properly mounted on a raised concrete slab to keep it off the ground.

Seal Vents & Ducts

Exterior household vents are ideal entry points for bugs, as they’re open for them to waltz right in. To remedy this problem without compromising proper airflow, homeowners can have wire mesh screens installed on their vents. Also, homeowners should have their ductwork inspected for any cracks or gaps. Even the tiniest of gaps in HVAC ductwork invite the entrance of pests. Worse yet, pests bring with them bacteria and allergens that could end up spread throughout the house via the HVAC system. Sealing these gaps will cut off potential pest entrances.

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

The most effective way to ensure pests can’t infiltrate your HVAC system is by having it regularly cleaned and maintained. In a regularly scheduled maintenance visit, our expert HVAC technicians can inspect the air duct system for signs of wear and tear, clean the outdoor unit and condenser coil, and identify problem areas that pests may be taking advantage of to gain entrance. A well maintained, clean HVAC system will make it that much harder for bugs to get inside your home, plus extend your equipment life and help cut utility costs. 

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