HVAC Maintenance Checklist For The New Year

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A new year is a fantastic time to transform your life and make a fresh start, but keeping your HVAC unit well maintained is rarely on a list of New Year’s resolutions. The last thing you would want is an HVAC issue on the first few days of the new year. To help keep your HVAC system running in tip-top shape this new year, Bloomington Heating & Air has put together an HVAC New Year’s resolutions checklist!

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HVAC Maintenance Checklist For The New Year:

Replace Filters

To help prepare your HVAC system for the new year, we recommend changing your home’s air filters. Not only will this help improve indoor air quality while maintaining consistent airflow through your home, but this can also prevent your unit’s evaporator coils from freezing over. To ensure your system stays running smoothly, we recommend changing the air filters frequently, with most filters needing to be replaced every one to three months.

Clean Your Ducts

The air that circulates through your home’s ductwork can contain pollen, dust, allergens, or even mold, possibly making your allergies worse while also decreasing your home’s indoor air quality. Air ducts don’t have to be cleaned on a frequent basis, but if you start to notice worsening allergy symptoms, excess dust or debris in your home, or a consistent musty smell, it may be time for a cleaning. We recommend having your ducts professionally cleaned, or you can try a do-it-yourself approach using a duster or a vacuum brush attachment.

Seal Up Your Home

Even if your HVAC system has been well maintained throughout the year, the unit may not be working at maximum efficiency if there are any air leaks. Duct leaks can cause air to escape while outdoor air still flows in, in turn lowering your home’s indoor air quality. To prevent air leaks, we recommend adding weatherstripping around your home’s exterior doors and windows. Also, make sure to insulate your home’s attic well, as this is where air leaks often occur.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

To keep your HVAC system in good shape, we recommend clearing away any vegetation around our unit within a 2-foot distance of the condenser. You can also clean your outdoor unit using a hose to wash away debris and grass, but be careful when working around the outer fins, as they can easily get bent or damaged.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Often, people will put off HVAC warning signs until they become larger issues. Fixing the problems and making the necessary HVAC repairs as soon as possible can save you from these bigger problems and more expensive emergency repairs. We recommend adding proactive HVAC maintenance to your list of New Year’s resolutions to uphold.

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