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When the frosty cold or high heats fill the outdoor air, it might seem as though your HVAC system has magical powers to keep your home warm and toasty or cool and comfortable. But it isn’t magic or a sleight of hand — it’s a series of ducts working in conjunction with the heating and cooling unit. Despite the importance of air ducts, many homeowners often forget to schedule ductwork inspections through HVAC maintenance.

At Bloomington Heating & Air, our technicians are trained to professionally inspect your air ducts. If we find an issue, our technicians will always let you know what it is and how to prevent it in the future. With a full line of indoor air quality, our HVAC repair company will create a custom plan to make sure your home’s indoor air is as clean as can be year-round. Schedule an air duct inspection today.

How Do Air Duct Systems Work?

Also called the air distribution system, ductwork is the network of ducts that bring conditioned air to all corners of the home. The ducts are generally made from flexible plastic-and-wire composite, fiberglass board, or sheet metal.

An air duct system is divided into two main functions, supply and return. The supply component is responsible for bringing the cool or warm air from the unit through air vents or registers found in individual rooms. The return component then draws air inside the home back into the air handler which sends the air back into the HVAC unit to be reconditioned.

What Are Disadvantages To Faulty Ductwork?

Up to 40 percent of all home energy loss occurs through the air duct system due to leaks in the ductwork. Though leaks can occur for a number of reasons, the effects of air duct leaks commonly include the following.

  • An overworked HVAC system
  • Increased utility bill
  • Decreased in-home comfort
  • Heightened health and safety risks

The best way to avoid air duct leaks is with a professional inspection. Bloomington Heating & Air provides homeowners with a planned maintenance program that guarantees two HVAC maintenance checkups each year, which include air duct inspections. Our technicians schedule services around your schedule, so you don’t worry about remembering to call for a check-up.

How Do Air Ducts Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Homes built in the last 50 years were mostly constructed with a tight building envelope. This invisible boundary is what keeps conditioned air inside the home and unconditioned air out. As these envelopes have become tighter through improved design and construction techniques, they’ve also become interwoven with indoor air quality.

Indoor Pollutants

While improved home construction has resulted in better home efficiency, it also means the majority of indoor air quality issues are linked to circulating pollutants. Particles found in everyday products used in the home — from bathroom cleaners to cooking sprays — are continuously circulated in the air rather than expelled outdoors. This also applies to hazardous fumes produced by an inefficient furnace, which can quickly affect health and safety. Contact us today for more information about indoor air quality or to schedule furnace repair.

Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew generally form in strategic locations, such as inside air duct components. Without regular inspection and professional maintenance, these spaces can provide the perfect place for the development of mold and mildew, among other indoor air pollutants. Our technicians thoroughly clean and disinfect the inside of the air ducts then repair any leaks or damaged areas to prevent regrowth.

Air Leaks

Leaking air ducts affect the indoor air quality by allowing unfiltered outdoor air into the home. Pollen and other common allergens bypass the air filter on your HVAC system and flow into the home, triggering respiratory and other health issues for some people. Air leaks can also develop when HVAC repairs aren’t made in a timely fashion to the system.

Pest Damage

Insects, rodents, and other small animals always search for a new place to call home. Unfortunately, even if the air ducts are maintained and sealed, these vermin are skilled in circumventing the boundaries you put in place. Dander, droppings, and vermin nests are frequently known allergens that can cause health issues with prolonged exposure. If we find signs of an infestation, we’ll let you know what steps are required to correct the situation and avoid damage from pests in the future.

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