5 Tips To Remove That Musty Smell

Jun 24th 2020

A home with a permeating smell of mold or mildew could be suffering needlessly thanks to an HVAC system that’s been ignored. If left unchecked, musty smells can grow into a source of embarrassment and, even worse ...

Poor AC Airflow: Causes & What To Do

Jun 08th 2020

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AC Not Cooling? Beware Of These Common AC Problems

May 04th 2020

Summers in Minnesota can soar over 100 degrees. If your air conditioning isn’t working properly, temperatures like that can be more than uncomfortable — they can be ...

How To Control Indoor Allergens & Asthma Triggers In Your Home

Apr 08th 2020

Bloomington Heating & Air offers the following tips for controlling indoor allergens and asthma triggers in your residential space.

Why You Shouldn’t Close Your Air Supply Vents

Mar 09th 2020

Indoor temperature control is something many Minnesota homeowners don’t give a second thought to — that is, until ...

4 Common Issues With Older Furnaces

Dec 19th 2019

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