Fall HVAC System Checklist

Oct 07th 2020

While most people think their HVAC needs the most TLC in the summer and spring, there are still things you should do to prepare your system for fall ...

Tips To Deter Bugs From The HVAC Unit

Sep 21st 2020

If you’ve got bugs coming through vents, preventative measures such as sealing ducts, cleaning the HVAC’s outdoor unit, and scheduling routine maintenance can help.

5 Warning Signs Your AC Unit Is Dying

Sep 08th 2020

Repairing or replacing your AC is never on the list of things you want to do. But if you see any of these five warning signs, it’s time to bring in the professionals.

Whole House Vs. Room Air Purifiers: Which Is Right For You?

Aug 25th 2020

Suppose you’re looking for the best solution for your particular home and needs. How do you decide between a whole house air purifier or multiple room purifiers? ...

4 Common Heat Pump Problems & Solutions

Jul 27th 2020

Bloomington Heating & Air has the following heat pump troubleshooting tips, so heat pump owners know what to check, how to fix it, and when it’s time to call their local HVAC technicians.

5 Tips To Remove That Musty Smell

Jun 24th 2020

A home with a permeating smell of mold or mildew could be suffering needlessly thanks to an HVAC system that’s been ignored. If left unchecked, musty smells can grow into a source of embarrassment and, even worse ...