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Besides the fact that it keeps your home or business cool, how much do you know about your air conditioner? Could you explain how it works, identify when there’s a problem, or find the right replacement parts to perform repairs? At Bloomington Heating & Air, we believe people should have at least a basic understanding of their AC units. The following details can help you take care of your AC and respond adequately if issues arise.

AC Repairs In Bloomington

Because air conditioners are essential for indoor comfort, you should know whom to call if you need AC repairs in Bloomington.

The issue could be as minor as a loose component that makes annoying noises or as severe as a coolant leak that poses health risks. Many HVAC companies offer two categories of repair services: scheduled or emergency repairs. At Bloomington Heating & Air, we schedule next-day air conditioning repairs and respond to emergency calls 24/7.

1. Maintenance Matters

Planned maintenance is perhaps the most essential AC service offered by HVAC companies. In most cases, the need for repairs comes from not giving the air conditioner proper maintenance.

Technicians recommend inspecting HVAC systems biannually to ensure they keep running efficiently. People in Bloomington, MN, use their systems most frequently during the seasons with harsher temperatures: winter and summer. Prepare your unit for hard work by scheduling maintenance at least twice each year during fall and spring.

Maintenance Checklist

Generally, technicians follow these steps during AC maintenance appointments. First, they remove dust and debris from the inside of the casing. Next, they replace the air filter to improve air quality and regulate air flow. Finally, they inspect the inner components and replace worn-out or broken parts, such as fan belts, wires, and fuses.

2. Life Expectancy & Energy Use

Even with proper maintenance, an air conditioner eventually needs replacing. The average life expectancy of HVAC systems is 15 years. Bloomington AC repair is generally more expensive and extensive for older units than for newer systems. Similarly, because efficiency decreases naturally over time, utility bills tend to rise as HVAC systems age.


You don’t have to wait until the AC unit stops working to upgrade it. As technology advances, modern units are much more energy-efficient than those from even five years ago.

Thermostats have gotten smarter, too. With programmable settings and Wi-Fi connectivity, modern thermostats offer ways to limit energy waste. At Bloomington Heating & Air, we sell a variety of current AC units, thermostats and other HVAC components.

3. How To Know Your AC Works

In essence, your air conditioner works the same way as a refrigerator does. Using refrigerant chemicals, the system transfers heat from indoor air outdoors. But when the AC isn’t working as it should, it may give out the following warning signs.


Because it uses a motor to function, an air conditioner makes slight noises while operating. However, noises that are louder than or different from these normal sounds may indicate that a component is loose or broken. In this case, the system may continue to run, but it will operate less efficiently and be at risk of further damage.


Dust can accumulate in the air ducts through which the cool air flows. If the system hasn’t run in a while, a musty smell may come from the ducts the first time it’s turned on. Otherwise, if an odd smell constantly emanates from the AC, it could indicate a problem such as a chemical leak or electrical issue.

Uneven Cooling

Depending on the size of the house, apartment or office, an intricate labyrinth of air ducts could be running through the building. When it’s appropriately sized, an air conditioner should have the strength to blow air into all the rooms evenly. But if some places are cooler or warmer than others, the AC unit may be too small or malfunctioning.

AC Repair & Maintenance In Bloomington

A little knowledge about your air conditioner is all it takes to maximize its potential. Planned maintenance from Bloomington Heating & Air can help ensure your HVAC system stays running smoothly. And if a problem does arise, we perform scheduled and emergency repairs promptly. Our company also sells a diverse line of HVAC products and parts, which we can install for you. Contact Bloomington Heating & Air for HVAC maintenance or repairs today!

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