3 Indoor Air Quality Devices For Spring Allergy Relief

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When spring arrives, so do a host of allergy symptoms for some Minnesotans. Watery eyes, a scratchy throat, and even physical fatigue are all potential springtime allergy symptoms. But if you’re an allergy-sufferer who’s tired of treating symptoms with decongestants and antihistamines, Bloomington Heating & Air has a recommendation: improve your home’s indoor air quality with one of these systems.

1. Air Cleaners

Home air cleaners, sometimes called air purifiers, are devices that remove contaminants — including allergens like pollen — from the air. Portable air cleaners that plug into wall outlets are the most common type of unit. However, these small- or medium-sized devices have limited capacities and only purify the air in one or two rooms at a time.

Whole house air purifying systems are more effective than portable units for mitigating allergy symptoms. These devices are installed into residential HVAC units, typically at the air intake points, and purify the air throughout the home. If you need assistance in picking out the best air cleaner, feel free to call our HVAC company in Bloomington, MN.

2. Ventilators

Minnesotans in springtime tend to open up windows (to save money on air conditioning costs) and engage in outdoor activities. Opening windows and spending more time outside increases your interactions with the allergy-inducing enemy known as pollen. Whether it floats in on a breeze or gets carried indoors attached to clothing, once inside, pollen tends to stick around, which is bad news for allergy-sufferers. Utilizing ventilators can ease allergy symptoms and solve this problem. Ventilators are devices that improve indoor air quality by recirculating the air so that it stays fresh and doesn’t become stale and laden with allergens.

Our HVAC company offers industry-leading ventilators and a diverse product lineup that includes a right-sized unit for every type of home. Bloomington Heating & Air sells a variety of whole-home devices that boost indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms. We offer fast installations for all HVAC products in Bloomington and many surrounding areas. As always, you can count on easy scheduling and friendly customer service. Don’t let allergies sideline you this spring. Contact us to schedule air quality device installation for your new system!

3. Dehumidifiers

Indoor air is not exempt from humidity. For allergy sufferers, moist air exacerbates certain symptoms, such as runny noses and red eyes. But humidity also creates an environment for all kinds of dust mites, mold spores and microscopic pests to thrive — which further irritates the symptoms of allergy-sufferers.

One solution to high indoor humidity is a dehumidifier. Portable dehumidifiers are sold in hardware sections at big-box retailers. However, these devices are often underpowered and thus incapable of delivering sustained allergy relief. That’s why HVAC technicians generally recommend whole-home dehumidifiers.

Devices such as the Carrier Performance™ Whole-Home Dehumidifier are low maintenance and ready to be installed into a residential HVAC system. With reduced indoor humidity levels throughout their homes, allergy-sufferers get relief while still enjoying the same warm or cool conditioned air as always.

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