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Stay Warm all Winter!

Heating Maintenance Bloomington, MN

As winter approaches, temperatures drop and homeowners are turning on the heat for the first time in months. But some homeowners who have not performed heating maintenance and repairs in a long time might be unpleasantly surprised if they find their system won’t turn on or is providing insufficient heat. While nothing guarantees that your system will never suffer a breakdown, there are a few reasons why you should make scheduling HVAC maintenance a habit.

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Scheduling Planned HVAC Maintenance

The idea that people should only inspect their HVAC systems when there is an evident problem but leave them untouched otherwise is a misconception. Without a maintenance session, you might not notice if your system is not working at peak efficiency, especially if it shows no obvious signs of an issue. This could lead to the HVAC system requiring more energy than usual to do its job, affecting your utility bill. Similarly, little issues that go unnoticed and unrepaired for a long time could grow or cause a chain reaction on other parts of the system, potentially leading to more expensive repairs or replacements.

Aside from decreasing the likelihood that you will need emergency repairs at an inconvenient time, semi-annually scheduling planned HVAC maintenance helps your system work in proper order, extends its life and keeps your utility bills as low as possible. Contact Bloomington Heating & Air for heating maintenance in Bloomington, MN, and the surrounding areas.

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Common Heating Issues

Some of the most common issues that could prevent a heating system from functioning properly include:

  • Dirty filters that block airflow and strain the system
  • A faulty thermostat that impedes setting the desired temperature
  • A heater that is not of the ideal type or size to warm your entire home
  • Mechanical or electrical problems that could affect the system’s overall performance

The central unit of most heating systems is either a heat pump or a furnace. Conventional furnaces produce heat by burning fossil fuels such as natural gas, while some modern models rely on electricity. Reasons why people choose between one or the other involve the area’s climate, local availability, and cost of electricity versus natural gas, environmental concerns, and expected unit lifetime and noise among other factors. These differences between the types of furnaces also imply variations among their maintenance needs.

Gas Furnaces

Because combustion heating releases small amounts of carbon monoxide, gas furnaces generally require more maintenance than electric furnaces or heat pumps. Only HVAC professionals have the proper knowledge and equipment to ensure that all areas of the system are sealed, well-ventilated, and working properly. Improper maintenance and ventilation could result in carbon monoxide poisoning. To lessen this risk, homes with furnaces and other appliances that rely on gas should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors as an added precaution.

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Professional HVAC Maintenance Services

Professionals recommend scheduling planned HVAC maintenance before any season during which a household will heavily rely on a system. Thus, spring maintenance for A/C and fall maintenance for heating systems are common practices. Some of the services that may be provided during HVAC maintenance sessions are:

  • Checking system operation, electrical connections, motors, thermostats, safety controls, indoor and outdoor coils, condensation drains or pumps, venting, refrigerant levels, humidifiers, and ignition systems
  • Cleaning burners, ducts, and filters
  • Calibrating controls
  • Lubricating parts of the system as needed
  • Making any necessary adjustments or recommendations
  • Providing a written equipment condition report
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Professionals with Bloomington Heating & Air know the importance of planning and scheduling maintenance sessions throughout the year. Our staff can perform installations, maintenance, and emergency repairs of residential or commercial HVAC systems. If you are looking for an HVAC maintenance company in Bloomington that will take proper care of your heating system so that you and your family can stay warm and comfortable this winter, call us today for an appointment or consultation.