HVAC Tips To Prepare For Thanksgiving

Nov 17th 2022

Have a happy Thanksgiving with these HVAC tips from Bloomington Heating & Air!

6 Signs You Need A Furnace Tune-Up

Oct 27th 2022

Winter is just around the corner, meaning your home’s furnace may see much more use. Below, the experienced HVAC technicians with our heating repair company outline six signs your furnace may need a tune-up.

5 Reasons To Get An Air Purifier

Oct 14th 2022

The quality and cleanliness of your home’s air can greatly affect your household’s health and quality of life. Air purifiers can work with a well-maintained HVAC system to improve and maintain indoor air quality.

Easy & Effective Ways To Cool A Windowless Room

Sep 27th 2022

windows can help provide fresh airflow and remove stale air in a room. Without that crucial airflow, rooms with no windows can become disproportionately hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. Below, we outline four easy and effective ways to cool down a room.

AC Drain Line Clogged? Here’s What To Do!

Sep 14th 2022

The drain line is an integral part of a properly functioning HVAC system, but it may become clogged over time. Learn about the signs of a clogged drain line and what to do about it!

6 Signs It’s Time For An AC Tune-Up

Aug 26th 2022

If you notice any of these six signs, it’s time to get your AC tuned up to keep it working properly. Call us today to schedule HVAC maintenance!