5 Most Common Central Air Conditioner Problems

Apr 30th 2024

Our air conditioners work tirelessly, day and night, to cool our homes and preserve our indoor air quality. No matter the model, make, or brand of your HVAC system, we can help improve its efficiency and have it working as good as new.

Everything You Need To Know About A/C Installation

Apr 15th 2024

When AC repair costs pile up, purchasing an entirely new replacement unit is sometimes more cost-effective. At Bloomington Heating & Air, our professional HVAC contractors have had countless years of experience installing HVAC systems for residential homes and commercial businesses.

Protecting Your Home From Indoor Air Pollution

Mar 28th 2024

Poor air quality can lead to asthma and allergies in your family members and loved ones. Because of these risks, maintaining your home's air quality is essential to your health and your livelihood.

Your HVAC Unit & Your Pets: Top Things You Should Know

Mar 01st 2024

We love our pets! Pets provide us with so much joy and fulfillment, and we welcome them as true members of our families. But do you know how your pet could affect your residential heating and cooling in Bloomington, MN? Check out this guide for the top things you should know about your HVAC unit and your pets!

Getting The Best Results From Your Furnace

Feb 22nd 2024

As winter sets in, your furnace becomes an invaluable asset in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Our experienced HVAC technicians at Bloomington Heating & Air can help ensure your furnace is working optimally.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Warm When It's Cold

Feb 12th 2024

As the snow falls and temperatures drop, more people find themselves huddled up indoors with a hot beverage or soup! Before reaching to turn up your thermostat, try these helpful, affordable tips from our heating repair company to keep your house warm — no matter the weather.