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24 Hour Emergency Heating Repair Bloomington, MN

If heating system emergencies were convenient, they wouldn’t be called emergencies. When the heat goes out in your home, Bloomington Heating & Air is your first call for reliable emergency heating system and furnace repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Common Causes For Emergency Heating Repairs

Minnesota residents count on their heating systems for up to six months out of the year, and even if your residential heating system has routine maintenance checkups, sometimes breakdowns happen. These are the top reasons for emergency heating repairs.

Airflow Blockage

You know you’re supposed to change the air filter on your furnace monthly, but it’s easy to think you can delay replacing it until next month. Yet, a clogged filter can block the airflow, forcing mechanical components to work harder to move the air. More work means more wear and tear and, oftentimes, unexpected heating system breakdowns.

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Thermostat & Other Electrical Issues

When the thermostat for your heating system fails, it’s often because of an underlying electrical issue. Too much heat, too little heat, or no heat at all are all signs of an underlying issue with the thermostat. Our insured and licensed service experts are trained to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any issue with the thermostat and get your home back to a toasty temperature. An electrical issue anywhere in the heating system affects its overall performance and efficiency, leaving you with no heat and/or higher utility costs.

Mechanical Issue Or Breakdown

The best way to prevent mechanical issues is through routine maintenance and checkups. But even the best-laid plans can be thwarted when a mechanical component breaks down and affects the entire system. Call Bloomington Heating & Air for fast and professional residential heating repairs when a mechanical issue affects your heating system.

Heating System Is Too Large Or Small

A heating system that is too small for your home may not be able to keep up with the heating demands. But did you know an oversized system can be just as prone to breakdowns and repairs? Oversized heating systems provide too much heat too quickly in the home, causing you to shut off the system. These sudden stops strain the mechanical components, leading to premature issues and system breakdowns.

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What Should I Do In A Heating Emergency?

Depending on how cold your home is, now may be the time to turn on the emergency heat mode. This switch is commonly found on heat pump thermostats and engages the supplemental heat source. If you have an all-electric residential heating system, emergency heat provides enough warmth until Bloomington Heating & Air professionals repair the heat pump. Systems that use gas, oil, or hot water will produce plenty of heat indoors while on emergency heat mode.

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Heating Emergency Safety Tips

If at any point during a heating emergency you smell gas, leave your home immediately and call the gas company from a safe location, such as a neighbor’s home. Many people turn to an alternative source of heat while waiting for emergency heating repairs. Keep the following information in mind to stay safe during a heating emergency.


Like wood stoves, make sure the chimney to your fireplace is cleared and cleaned before starting a fire. Use a fireplace screen to protect your home, family and pets from rolling logs and stray embers. Always extinguish the fire completely before leaving your home or going to bed.

Electric Space Heaters

Electric space heaters should always be plugged directly into a wall outlet, not an extension cord or surge protector. Make sure the space heater has a thermostat control mechanism and a safeguard to turn off the system should the unit tip over.

Wood Stoves

Before loading up your wood stove and lighting it, check for cracks and make sure that the door and hinges operate smoothly with a tight seal. Pipes and chimneys need to be inspected and cleaned at least annually.

Kerosene Heaters

A kerosene heater should only be used in a well-ventilated area and never operated with gasoline or camp stove fuel. Always refuel a kerosene heater outdoors and after the unit has cooled down from previous use.

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We make sure that every customer receives the same exceptional service and comprehensive solution to every heating system issue any time of day or night. Don’t suffer through a cold night — call our heating repair company for 24-hour emergency repair!