4 Benefits Of Spring AC Maintenance

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As the days get hotter and spring turns to summer, many have started to use their air conditioning systems more frequently. Spring is the perfect time to fix those pesky summer cooling problems before they are even an issue. Preventive maintenance by Bloomington Heating & Air each spring will help to maintain the quality of your AC cooling system while increasing performance and comfort levels.

To ensure that your home cooling system is working properly through summer, schedule an appointment with our HVAC company for cooling repairs and installations.

Enjoy Lasting Cooling Power

As your air conditioning system goes into the summer, you will be putting some extra use into your system. With spring maintenance, you can be confident that your AC will last through the summer without breaking down. A malfunctioning system can be an inconvenience and rather expensive. Many of the repairs it may need can be prevented with maintenance, so it doesn’t interrupt all your fun in the sun!

Keep Your System Efficient

As an HVAC gets older and starts to wear down, the system will start to lose its energy efficiency and will start to cost more to keep running. A well-maintained cooling system operates with its optimal efficiency. Maintenance can reduce the wear and tear on your system so that it won’t age as rapidly. By getting annual maintenance, the system should keep most of its efficiency rating for most of its lifespan.

Protect Your AC Warranty

Your air conditioner’s warranty covers you in the event that it malfunctions or breaks down due to a manufacturer’s defect. Most manufacturer’s warranties last for 10 years, but they require proof of annual servicing to show that the system has been properly maintained by a certified professional. Without regular tune-ups and inspections, your warranty can be voided.

Lengthen The System’s Life

Preventative maintenance in spring can help your system maintain top performance during its older years. While the average AC unit lasts for 10-15 years, without maintenance, this can be cut in half before you have to pay to replace it. A neglected system can undergo stress and wear and tear that can lead your system to fail prematurely.

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