4 Common AC Odors & How To Fix Them

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Your air conditioning system spreads cool, refreshing air throughout your home to keep you comfortable on the hottest days. Unfortunately, when issues arise within an air conditioning system, it may spread something besides cool air around your home: bad smells. Below, the professional HVAC technicians with our Bloomington Heating & Air outline four of the most common air conditioner smells and how you can get rid of the stench. Contact our AC company today to request AC repair services in Bloomington, MN!

AC Smells Like Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur from your air conditioner is a serious problem that requires immediate attention, as this can indicate an active gas leak. If you suspect the smell is caused by a gas leak, turn off your gas supply and contact a professional who can identify the source of the problem. Alternatively, a rotten egg smell coming from your air vents could be a sign that there’s a dead animal in your ductwork.

Moldy Or Musty AC Smell

A musty or moldy odor is one of the most common smells that could come from an air conditioning system. Typically, if there’s a moldy or musty smell coming from your air conditioner it’s a sign of an evaporator coil issue, dirty air filters, or a full drain pan. To remedy this issue, change your air filter or contact an experienced AC technician with our local HVAC repair company for AC maintenance.

AC Smells Like Something Is Burning

If you notice a burning smell coming from your air conditioning system after a long period of dormancy, it may just be a temporary odor caused by components heating up after inactivity. However, if a burning smell persists, it may could be a sign one or more of the electrical components in your unit are burning. A DIY repair is not recommended, so if you suspect components in your AC are burning you should contact a professional for AC repairs.

AC Smells Like Car Exhaust

Considering your home AC system doesn’t run on an internal combustion engine, there’s no reason why your home should smell like car exhaust. If you notice your air conditioning smells like car exhaust, there may be a leak in your refrigerant line. Contact our AC repair company in Bloomington, MN, as soon as possible if you suspect there’s a leak in your refrigerant line!

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