4 Common Summertime AC Repairs

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With the dog days of summer right around the corner, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the air conditioner — but maybe you should be!

Blasting the AC is a hallmark of summer, and your cooling system will be running for many hours throughout the season. If the HVAC system hasn’t had a springtime tune-up yet, you could wind up with more ac repairs than you bargained for.

But don’t worry: there’s still plenty of time to call an HVAC company in Bloomington, MN, to make sure your AC unit is ready to go and that you won’t face these common summer cooling issues!

1. AC Refrigerant Leak

Many people believe when the unit is leaking refrigerant, adding more will solve the problem. Unfortunately, doing so is a stop-gap unless the root cause — the source of the leak — is found and repaired. If the unit continues to run with a low level of refrigerant, it loses the ability to absorb heat from the air. Not only is the unit unable to adequately cool the home, but the evaporator coil also freezes up and causes the entire system to cease operation.

2. Clogged Condensate Lines

The condensate line of an AC unit often becomes clogged, whether it’s from grass blown from the lawnmower or another cause. When this happens, moisture inside the unit is unable to discharge and backs up into the home. Heat from outdoors coupled with a steady moisture supply create the foundation for mold in the line unless it’s cleared. Furthermore, mold growth is often preceded by water damage, which requires professional repair from a remediation company.

3. Worn Or Broken Fan Belt

A routine air conditioning repair, a broken fan belt is an easy part to replace. Usually, it makes a noise, such as a squeak or a squeal, as it wears out. Regular maintenance is the best way to discover most belt issues before a breakdown occurs. If a belt is on the verge of snapping, an HVAC technician can replace it in a matter of minutes. With a new belt, your HVAC system will run more efficiently (and quietly), for better cooling performance.

4. Major Parts Replacement

Though replacing a major HVAC component sounds like a homeowner’s worst nightmare, especially during the summer, it’s not uncommon for extensive repairs to be needed during the height of the season. Our technicians carry a wide range of parts in their service vehicle, and we can easily order specialty parts, which means you won’t be without air conditioning for longer than is absolutely necessary. To schedule HVAC service in Bloomington, MN, contact us today!

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