4 Problems Caused By An Oversized AC Unit

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When replacing or upgrading your home’s air conditioning system, there are many factors to consider, such as what size it should be and the system’s heating and cooling capacity. When picking the size of your new air conditioning unit, remember bigger isn’t always better. An oversized AC system can have unfortunate drawbacks. Below, the experienced HVAC technicians with our AC repair company outline four major issues caused by an oversized air conditioning system.

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More Expensive Utility Bills

An excessively large air conditioning unit will use much more energy to produce cool air than an appropriately-sized unit. This is because oversized AC units frequently short-cycle — meaning they turn on, quickly cool the home, and then turn off — which uses more energy than an AC system that cools over a longer time in a regular cycle before turning off. You may have an oversized AC unit if you’ve noticed high-energy bills after upgrading your air conditioning system.

Higher Indoor Humidity Levels

Air conditioning systems don’t just blow refreshing, refrigerated air into your home — it’s also responsible for removing moisture from home. As stated above, oversized air conditioning units frequently short-cycle. Due to the short cycles of oversized AC systems, the unit’s evaporator coil often doesn’t have enough time to remove humidity from the air in the home, which can cause excessive indoor humidity, impact the comfort of your family, and lead to mold growth.

Uneven Temperatures

Having hot and cold spots throughout your home is a sure sign of an oversized air conditioning unit. Rather than pushing rapid bursts of cold air through the ductwork, a properly sized unit gradually cools your home at a steady pace, ensuring your entire home is cooled evenly.

A Shorter Lifespan

Simply put, oversized AC systems are inefficient, which can result in frequent maintenance and a much shorter lifespan than an appropriately-sized air conditioner. Avoid paying for frequent repairs and an early replacement by ensuring your air conditioning unit is the proper size.

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