5 Reasons To Call For Emergency Furnace Repair

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The chilly autumnal weather we experience in Bloomington might be a welcome swap for the summer heat. But just because we’re enjoying the crisp fall air doesn’t necessarily mean we want the cold air to fill our homes. Bloomington residents rely on their furnaces or heating systems to keep them warm, toasty, and free from the frigid cold throughout the fall and winter months, but what should you do if your system stops working, stops producing heat, or produces other concerning signs? Does your heating system issue warrant an emergency furnace service call?

Here, our furnace repair experts list and discuss the top five reasons to make an emergency furnace or heating system repair call. Bloomington Heating & Air is your top choice for 24/7 emergency furnace repair whenever you need it! Whether on the coldest night of the season or the early morning hours, our skilled technicians are available to quickly arrive at your home, diagnose the issue, fix the problem, and restore your home to a warm and comfortable place. Contact us to get emergency furnace repair service now!

The Furnace Will Not Run

If your furnace simply won’t turn on or your thermostat isn’t operating properly or at all, it is an emergency! If your thermostat is unresponsive, it may display what is very clearly an incorrect reading of the indoor temperature, not responding to your input, or it might not turn on at all. If your thermostat is on but will not respond, ensure the system is set to auto. If this isn’t the issue and you’re still without heat, whether because your thermostat and/or furnace won’t function properly, this warrants an emergency heater repair call!

Your Furnace Makes Unusual Noises

Strange, unusual, or foreign sounds coming from your heating system or furnace are never a good sign, nor is it something you want to hear out of the blue! If your system makes unusual noises, these sounds can indicate severe damage to your system that will only become worse with time. If the issues causing these noises go unchecked and unrepaired, you may even require a whole new heating system replacement. This means that strange noises coming from your furnace are indeed a reason for you to make an emergency furnace repair call!

The Furnace Emits A Strange Smell

If you suddenly realize that your home smells strange, then you may require immediate heater repair. Smelling gas, sulfur, or rotten eggs, especially when those smells come from your furnace, pipes, or gas-using appliances, is a bad sign. Smelling sulfur or rotten eggs can indicate a natural gas leak, which can produce devastating health consequences and have dangerous implications for your property. So, if you catch a whiff of rotten egg or sulfur, call for emergency service immediately after you shut off your gas main!

Your Furnace Produces Cold Air

During the fall and winter seasons, there is more than enough frigid outdoor air to be had outdoors in Bloomington. If your furnace mimics this temperature, it can make your cozy home go from warm to freezing in a matter of hours. In some cases, especially when temperatures are icy or drop below freezing overnight, it could be dangerous to be home without warmth. Don’t put yourself and your family at risk, and also risk your indoor comfort! Instead, call Bloomington Heating & Air for emergency furnace repair in Bloomington, MN!

The Furnace Has A Staggered Air Flow

When you turn on your faucet and water sputters out, it is oftentimes because of compressed air within the plumbing system. This is common and typically doesn’t require any immediate action. But when air heated by your furnace or heating system is staggered or fails to produce a uniform, continuous flow, there could be a big problem! If you notice that the air coming from your heating system is staggered or choppy, it could indicate that your furnace is having trouble reaching the preset temperature and can fail. Call for emergency furnace services!

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