6 Tips To Identify & Avoid AC Repair Scams

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Just like with any service, there’s a possibility the HVAC company you’re looking to do business with may be scammers. These scams are often designed to trick you into paying for services you don’t receive or upcharging ridiculous amounts for simple or unnecessary services. While it may be difficult to know what’s a necessary service and fair price, these tips on how to avoid AC scams can help you catch the red flags before it even gets to that point.

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Little To No Online Presence

The great thing about the Internet is most businesses should have ample online presence to research. This includes a company website, social media pages, a Better Business Bureau page, and plenty of online reviews. If the company you’re looking for is missing this kind of information, it’s a huge red flag. It may be the company isn’t an actual company, so they haven’t spent any money on marketing, such as websites and business cards. Or, they may be going by a different name to prevent you from finding bad reviews.

Requiring Payment Upfront

When it comes to AC repairs, there should never be any reason an HVAC company will ask for or require you to pay money for services upfront. If a company is asking this, it may be a red flag they are intending to disappear with your money without providing services. Even if you have a contract for service, you should still be wary of any company wanting you to pay before rendering services.

Pushy Sales Tactics

A company trying to swindle you will most likely be pushier than a reputable company as they’re trying to make you act faster without thinking. They may use tactic such as pushing you to make quick decisions by saying your HVAC system is going to break down and needs to be replaced immediately. If a company is trying to rush you into a decision, take a moment to consider if they actually have your best interests in mind.

Too Good To Be True

Unless you already have a relationship with a reputable company you trust to provide fair prices on expert work, you should always shop around for quotes on services. This allows you to compare quotes not just to find the best price, but to make sure no one is offering a price too good to be true. Lowballing an estimate shows a company is eager to get your business, but it also may mean they’re not intending to provide services, or may be waiting to hit you with expensive hidden fees once the work has begun.

Can’t Answer Your Questions

A knowledgeable HVAC technician should be capable of answering any of your questions. If they can’t answer questions or become frustrated, it could be a red flag they’re not all they’re advertising themselves to be. At the very least, it may be an indicator of poor customer service and you should avoid working with anyone who can’t patiently and accurately answer all of your concerns.

No License Or Insurance

A legitimate HVAC company should be able to provide you with their license number and proof of insurance. Any company that cannot produce this information should not be considered. Only a licensed HVAC technician should go anywhere near your HVAC system, and without insurance, you could be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars if they mess up the work.

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