6 Weird AC Sounds & What They Mean

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In general, you want your AC to be near quiet or only produce a gentle, low humming sound. If you’re hearing more distressing sounds, it’s important to contact our HVAC company to make an HVAC appointment or for emergency HVAC repairs. No matter what sounds are coming from your AC, you can rely on our HVAC company for expert repairs. Call us today to schedule an HVAC appointment!

Rattling, Banging, Clanking, Or Thumping

An air conditioner rattling noise, banging, clanking, or thumping is often caused by a part that has come loose, such as a part in the air compressor. Depending on where you hear the noise, it could be loose ductwork banging around when the AC turns on. It may also be an imbalanced blower or fan blades. But, no matter the exact sound or where you here it in your home, it is important to call one of our HVAC technicians for AC repairs.


Your AC buzzing may mean there is an electrical issue, such as a loose wire that isn’t making a direct connection. It could also mean a part is dying, such as the fan motor or relay switch. If you hear the buzzing noise and the AC is running but not cooling, it may be a refrigerant leak. To determine the cause of the buzzing, our HVAC technicians will need to follow the sound to its origin so the part can be fixed or replaced.


A clicking noise coming from your AC can also mean there is an issue with an electrical component. A clicking sound right when your air conditioner starts up or turns off is normal, but if the clicking is ongoing, there may be an issue with an electrical control, thermostat, or relay. To help determine the cause of your AC clicking, contact our AC repair company in Bloomington, MN!


An AC hissing might mean there is a refrigerant leak somewhere. If you hear hissing from the AC, you should take this very seriously, as refrigerant is expensive and necessary for your AC to cool properly but is poisonous to breathe. If you hear hissing coming from around your AC unit, get out of the house and call our HVAC company immediately. 


If you hear a metallic grinding noise coming from the air conditioner, it could be an issue with the compressor or loose or damaged belts. In the compressor, it could be an issue with loose or worn-down parts. Depending on how old your AC is, it may just be best to have a new AC installed. On the other hand, if it’s the belts, it’s usually a simple fix if addressed quickly. However, if you allow the grinding to continue, it can result in more expensive damages. 


If your AC always squeals upon startup, it’s probably nothing serious, but you should mention it to your technician during routine HVAC maintenance. If the squealing is consistent beyond the unit starting up, it may be an issue with the fan or blower motor that requires repairs or replacements.

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