Annual HVAC System Maintenance Checklist

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As the year comes to an end, our minds turn to the year ahead of us in eager anticipation. Perhaps this is the year you find a new job or start a new project. Whatever the future may hold, we wish you the best. You can always expect as we turn our calendars to the new year is chilly winter weather. Accordingly, as we retire our air conditioning for the winter and switch to heat, homeowners will need to work their way through an HVAC maintenance checklist to ensure their systems are working correctly and efficiently. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Below, our experienced HVAC technicians outline everything that needs to be done to ensure your HVAC is shipshape for the new year.

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HVAC End-Of-Year Checklist:

Replace Air Filters

Ideally, homeowners should replace an HVAC’s air filter monthly. At the very least, homeowners should swap out their air filters every 90 days. Dirty air filters lower the efficiency of HVAC systems, causing a direct increase in energy consumption and, ultimately, a higher electric bill. Better yet, by replacing your HVAC filter, you improve not only your unit’s performance but also your home’s indoor air quality. The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to replace your air filter and can help set a precedent for routinely replacing them throughout the year.

Inspect & Clean Ductwork

Air ducts need to be clean and clear of debris for air to flow efficiently. As part of your end-of-year maintenance, make sure to inspect your ductwork carefully for any damage. Homeowners need to order duct cleaning as soon as possible when they discover their ducts have become clogged with debris, as long-term clogs can result in damage throughout their ductwork. Our technicians can provide you with all the heating repair services you need, including ductwork repair and installation, so each room of your home will be perfectly warm, and the air can flow freely.

Change The Thermostat’s Battery

As the new year begins and the cold weather approaches, you should double-check that your thermostat’s heat settings are working correctly and that your thermostat’s battery is fresh. Weak, nearly-sapped batteries can cause thermostats to function improperly and result in a higher electric bill. So as a precautionary measure, switch out your thermostat’s battery at the start of the new year to ensure you’re prepared for the winter weather.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

The best way to ensure your home’s heating and cooling system remains in good working order all year long is to schedule routine maintenance from our skilled HVAC technicians. The Bloomington Heating & Air team is committed to providing the highest quality service possible to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and keep their HVAC systems efficient and effective. Our HVAC maintenance plan provides homeowners with many essential services, including replacing air filters, checking indoor and outdoor coils, inspecting the air duct system, checking the thermostat, and much more! Contact Bloomington Heating & Air today to request HVAC maintenance!

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