Avoid These 5 Home Heating Mistakes In Bloomington, MN

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For homeowners in Bloomington, MN, heating is often the largest energy expense. On average, heating can account for almost half of your total energy bill. Much of a home’s increased heating costs are due to common mistakes made when the cold season arrives. Bloomington HVAC company, Bloomington Heating & Air, shares a list of the top five mistakes homeowners make and effective ways to avoid them. To schedule planned HVAC maintenance for your Bloomington, MN, home, contact us today!

1. Cranking Up The Thermostat

When it gets cold outside, many homeowners think cranking up the heat will make their homes warm and toasty. But according to Minnesota heating experts with Bloomington Heating & Air, turning up the heat will just hike up your energy bill. As you adjust the thermostat, it sends a command to the heating system, causing it to run until the desired temperature is reached. Changing the temperature on your thermostat will not increase the rate of heating, but it will increase the operating time of the system. To avoid this, set the thermostat at your preferred temperature, and let it be. If your home takes longer than usual to heat on a consistent basis, contact Bloomington Heating & Air for an HVAC inspection and maintenance.

2. Leaving On The Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Your home’s bathroom exhaust fan is essential for airing out steam and moisture after a hot shower or bath and preventing growth of mold and mildew. But when the heating system is turned on, a running exhaust fan can work against your heating system’s efforts to warm your home. A running bathroom exhaust fan will take the warm air from your home and disperse it outdoors. To prevent losing heat in your home, be sure to turn off the bathroom exhaust fan once the steam and moisture from your shower has dispersed.

3. Using A Dirty Air Filter

Forgetting to change the air filter will not only increase your energy bill, it can cause your furnace to work improperly or not at all. An air filter with accumulated dust and other allergens can reduce your home’s indoor air quality and impair your HVAC system, leading to expensive heating repairs in Bloomington, MN. Filters work to reduce airborne allergens, regulate air flow, and block dust and dirt from interfering with the unit’s inner functioning components. To ensure your heating system functions optimally when you need it most, be sure to change filters every two to three months, or more for households with pets. If you have any questions about your specific system, contact us to speak with an experienced technician.

4. Closing Air Vents In Empty Rooms

Contrary to popular belief, closing air vents in empty rooms throughout your home will not make the rest of your house warmer. But it will cause your heating system to disperse heat unevenly. This imbalance puts unnecessary strain on your furnace and increase the likelihood for repairs. Instead of sealing off vents in empty rooms, keep entryways and vents open throughout the house and allow your Minnesota heating system to circulate warm air evenly.

5. Forgetting To Schedule Regular Maintenance

HVAC systems need regular maintenance to help ensure things are working smoothly. Three components that can cause issues and lead to repairs include clogged air filters, faulty thermostats and leaky ductwork. Scheduling routine maintenance with a Bloomington HVAC company at least twice each year is the most effective way to ensure your HVAC system keeps you comfortable year-round. Our planned maintenance is available any time of year, including in the fall, when we recommend heating maintenance. If your heating system fails, rely on our 24-hour emergency heating services to correct the issue.

Heating Repairs In Bloomington, MN

Homeowners rely on properly functioning heating systems to keep their homes warm throughout Bloomington, MN, cold seasons. While there are a variety of common heating mistakes that can prevent your home from keeping chilly air out and warm air in, these tips can help you remedy these problems. For expert HVAC services, including furnace repair Bloomington, MN residents rely on, Bloomington Heating & Air is your first call. To schedule maintenance or repairs, contact Bloomington Heating & Air today!

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