Benefits Of Installing HVAC Ultraviolet Lights

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Ultraviolet light systems are typically mounted inside your HVAC unit in the form of tube lighting that shines on your HVAC system’s coil, killing mold and airborne organisms that can be problematic to health and homes. Aside from killing these microorganisms, HVAC UV lighting systems also have many benefits that can improve your air quality for both residential and commercial properties. Below, our HVAC technicians at Bloomington Heating & Air have outlined some of the benefits of installing these UV lights.

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Reduces Sickness

One of the main benefits of installing HVAC Ultraviolet lights is that it disrupts the DNA and RNA of germs, killing their ability to multiply. UV lighting for HVAC systems targets the coils to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other pollutants. These UV lights can also serve as the last defense against drug-resistant bacteria and viruses, helping promote wellness and reducing the risk of illness.

Reduces Allergies & Asthma

Similar to how ultraviolet light systems eliminate germs from your HVAC system, they also eliminate allergens, such as dust, dust mites, mold, and mildew. This can help to reduce allergy-related symptoms, such as sneezing and wheezing. These UV lights can also kill off any fungal contamination in your HVAC units — fungal contamination is common in commercial properties with many employees, and when left unchecked, these contaminants can lead to widespread infection.

Eliminates Odors

While some odors are simply unpleasant to smell, others odors can be hazardous. One of the major benefits of ultraviolet light systems in HVAC units is that they eliminate volatile organic compounds from your ventilation system. These compounds can lead to health problems, such as eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as nausea and headaches, so it’s best to have any unnatural smells checked and eliminated as soon as they are noticed.

Improve Airflow & Efficiency

Over time, your HVAC system becomes laden with dirt, germs, and other pollutants, which can decrease your HVAC system’s overall efficiency. This decrease in efficiency increases your energy consumption, which can increase your monthly energy bills. UV light systems can clean your coils and help to restore your HVAC system’s efficiency.

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