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4 Common Issues Behind Old Furnace Repairs

Routine HVAC maintenance can go a long way in ensuring your home stays warm during the winter months. Heating systems comprised of older furnaces, however, typically require more care than newer models with newer equipment. As with most electrical appliances, heating devices become more susceptible to wear and failure over time because of problems like dust buildup, … [Read More]

Get Heating Maintenance To Avoid Freezing Nights Later

When your home heating unit seems to be working just fine, is maintenance really necessary? Invariably, the answer is: Yes. The fact that a heating system is operational doesn’t mean it’s also running efficiently or won’t break down in the future. HVAC maintenance addresses both of these concerns, and because winter conditions often reach freezing, residential heating maintenance in … [Read More]

How to Warm Up a Cold Room in Bloomington, MN

During the peak of winter, outside temperatures may drop so much that, even with a functioning furnace, the cold can creep inside your home and disrupt your comfort and productivity. From insulation basics to more creative handiwork, these tips can help you warm up a chilly room as an addition to your heating system or … [Read More]

Heating Tips for The Holidays in Bloomington, MN

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home during the winter doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With a few simple tips to conserve heat and make your more home energy efficient, you can maintain a comfortable temperature and save on your utility bills to give yourself a little extra holiday spending money.  And … [Read More]

4 Heating & Energy-Saving Myths Debunked

How To Actually Save On Heating Costs Not all energy conservation tips are created equal. While some winter energy-saving tips recommended by experts can help homeowners effectively reduce monthly utility bills and keep indoor space warm, abiding by common energy myths can result in frigid air and high heating costs. Don’t let the following four myths lead you astray. … [Read More]

Tips To Easily Warm A Cold Room in Bloomington, MN

As temperatures begin to plummet and seasonal cold creeps in, we spend most of our time indoors for increased comfort, protection, and warmth. While many homes provide excellent refuge from frigid air, some rooms in a home are more difficult to warm than others. These six tips from Bloomington Heating & Air can help you … [Read More]

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