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Tips For Maintaining Your Condenser Fan Motor

A home’s HVAC condenser fan motor is one of its most vital components. When an AC system is on the fritz, the culprit is usually an overheating fan motor. Regularly caring for this part can help mitigate potential issues and keep your home’s indoor temperature comfortable all year round. Extend the life of your HVAC … [Read More]

Tips To Easily Warm A Cold Room in Bloomington, MN

As temperatures begin to plummet and seasonal cold creeps in, we spend most of our time indoors for increased comfort, protection, and warmth. While many homes provide excellent refuge from frigid air, some rooms in a home are more difficult to warm than others. These six tips from Bloomington Heating & Air can help you … [Read More]

Tips For Running Your HVAC Day & Night

During the fall, Bloomington residents often find themselves blasting their air conditioning during the day and their toasty heaters at night. Because of this continuous cycle, your AC and heater will need to be maintenanced regularly in order to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Due to high demand, Bloomington Heating has provided a … [Read More]

Tips On Using Your HVAC System During A Mild Winter

Residents of Bloomington, Minnesota, are commonly familiar with the frigid temperatures that come with wintertime and how to use their home’s heating systems to combat the outdoor cold with a cozy indoor environment. When temperatures drop drastically, homeowners seek refuge indoors and turn on their heaters or furnaces. But what should you do with your HVAC … [Read More]

Tips For Summer HVAC Maintenance To Keep You Cool

As the summer months arrive, ensuring your HVAC system is running properly is important. Without proper HVAC maintenance, you risk expensive breakdowns and sweltering heat indoors. Check out our tips for summer HVAC maintenance that can help keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. At Bloomington Heating & Air, our experienced HVAC technicians … [Read More]

Tips For Getting Your AC Ready For Summer

It’s no mystery why AC systems seem to fail more in the summer than in any other season. With the extra heat and increased demand, your HVAC will show more wear and tear. However, with a few simple steps, you can increase the efficiency of your AC and help ensure you stay cool all summer … [Read More]

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