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Wintertime HVAC Concerns and How to Avoid Them

As the temperatures drop this winter, your home can become quite chilly and uncomfortable without proper heating. A reliable heating system is essential to maintain a comfortable living space during the colder months. Your HVAC system is susceptible to various winter-related issues that can cause costly heating bills, low efficiency, and even dangerous carbon monoxide … [Read More]

Is It Time To Have Your Ductwork Inspected?

When the frosty cold or high heats fill the outdoor air, it might seem as though your HVAC system has magical powers to keep your home warm and toasty or cool and comfortable. But it isn’t magic or a sleight of hand — it’s a series of ducts working in conjunction with the heating and … [Read More]

How To Stop Drafts & Why They Happen

Imagine being cuddled up on the couch, under a blanket, watching your favorite movie, only for a blast of cold air to chill you to the bone. Drafts in your house are a huge pain, reducing the comfort of inside. On top of that, drafts can reduce the efficiency of your heating system, raising heating … [Read More]

5 HVAC Sounds You Don’t Want To Hear

No matter its age, your air conditioning and heating system can sometimes display issues. Some occasional sounds from your HVAC unit are completely normal — it means the system is working as it should. However, unusual sounds are cause for concern, and homeowners should call in the professionals as soon as they hear the following … [Read More]

Ways to Use Your HVAC System to Alleviate Allergies

Allergy symptoms affect millions of people and can be triggered by pollutants, dust mites, animal dander, mold, and more. You may be surprised to learn many allergy symptoms are caused by poor indoor air quality in your home or workplace. There are simple methods to combat this and reduce indoor allergens to provide relief for … [Read More]

Tips For Running Your HVAC Day & Night

During the fall, Bloomington residents often find themselves blasting their air conditioning during the day and their toasty heaters at night. Because of this continuous cycle, your AC and heater will need to be maintenanced regularly in order to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Due to high demand, Bloomington Heating has provided a … [Read More]

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