The air filters in your HVAC unit can significantly impact your home’s indoor air quality and how well your HVAC unit operates. They filter out dust and other allergens and stop debris, such as loose insulation or bugs, from circulating through your home. Dirty air filters do not complete their function and are counterproductive for keeping your home clean and your air conditioning optimized. Changing air filters is a quick and simple task that only takes a minute. Simply remove and dispose of the dirty filter and pop in a new filter of the same size. For more information on improving your indoor air quality and prompt AC repairs or service, contact us today at Bloomington Heating & Air to schedule an appointment!

Drawbacks Of An Oversized AC System

Effects Of Dirty Air Filters

Air filters become denser as they catch air contaminants in your home. Debris, dust, pollen, mold spores, and more are collected and stored in the filter, restricting the airflow. Your home can experience the following negative effects without changing your air filters.

  • HVAC units will need to work harder to push air through the system. 
  • Poor air circulation throughout your home. 
  • Increased energy bills because the HVAC unit needs to work harder.
  • Increased dust around your home.
  • Increased allergens such as pollen and dust in the air.
  • Air with a bad odor. 
  • Shortens the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. 
  • Increased fire risk. 
  • Increased asthma symptoms and respiratory inflammation.

How Often Should You Change Your Air Filters?

Changing your air filter every two to four months is recommended depending on how many people and pets live in your home. More people and pets increase dust, pet dander, and dirt, and the filters will get dirtier faster. Where your home is located can also affect how often you should change your air filters. Dusty, dry climates, or high pollen areas should change their air filters more frequently.

A Fresh Breath Of Air

With a quick swap to clean air filters, your entire home and everyone inside benefits. You may be surprised to learn how many things clean air filters affect. They can help prevent respiratory illness symptoms and reduce the symptoms for people with allergies or asthma. Your home will also be cleaner thanks to reduced dust in the air that will settle around your home. Overall, a clean air filter can largely impact your home, making it look and feel cleaner and healthier.