A/C & Heating Services in Chanhassen, MN

A well-running heating and air conditioning system makes the conditions in your home comfortable all year. And in Minnesota, where the conditions outdoors can go from one extreme to the other in the same week, a reliable HVAC system is essential. At Bloomington Heating & Air, we offer comprehensive HVAC services to make sure Chanhassen residents can always have functioning heating and cooling units in their homes. From maintenance to emergency repairs, our heating and air conditioning company is here for you.

A/C Unit Repair

With an air conditioner in working order, your home is a pleasant place to be during the hottest months of the year. But a cooling unit that doesn't function well can make the conditions in your house unbearable as well as put the inhabitants at risk for excess heat exposure. Any number of issues can disable an air conditioner. In Chanhassen, MN air conditioning repair can be necessary due to a dirty filter caused by a lack of maintenance, a seized compressor brought on by a refrigerant leak, and more common issues. But no matter the cooling issue you face, it's advisable to contact a company for a/c repair Chanhassen, MN, residents trust.

Heating Systems Installation

One way to heat the inside of your home efficiently is with the right type of heating system for your house and heating habits. We feature a broad selection of heating units, from split system and geothermal heat pumps to gas and oil furnaces. Our knowledgeable staff can advise you on which unit is the right fit for your heating needs. And our technicians can deliver and install the unit for you.

Heating System Repairs

There is a sizable part of the year when heating units are necessary to keep your home warm on the inside. Operating at peak efficiency, a heating system warms all the rooms of your house the same. But without routine maintenance, a heating system can have problems, such as a worn out fan belt or a malfunctioning ignition control, that impact how the unit functions. To avoid feeling cold in your home, contact Bloomington Heating & Air for heating repairs as soon as you notice that your system has an issue.

A/C Unit Installation

When an air conditioner either no longer functions or has become so inefficient that it's a financial burden to operate, it's most likely time to replace the unit. In Chanhassen, MN HVAC companies carry varying types of units for sale. But Bloomington Heating & Air has a comprehensive selection of A/C units for you to select from, including split system and ductless units as well as Wi-Fi thermostats. We also do deliveries and offer professional installations from our technicians.

Emergency Heating & A/C Services

An HVAC emergency can be any number of situations with the A/C or heating unit in your home. If you lose complete heating or cooling abilities at the worst of times, that's most likely an emergency. Safety-related emergencies can occur, as well, such as a gas or refrigerant leak or a sudden burst of smoke or sparks. But when misfortune happens, Bloomington Heating & Air is ready with our 24/7 emergency heating and air services.

Chanhassen Repairs, Installations & Emergency Service

At Bloomington Heating & Air, you being comfortable in your home is our priority. If your HVAC system has a heating or cooling issue, requires maintenance, or is due for an upgrade, count on our technicians to show up with the solution. Contact us today for services related to heating and air Chanhassen, MN, residents can depend on.