Choosing The Right Size HVAC Unit For Your Home

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Whether relocating or simply replacing your current climate control system, purchasing a new HVAC system requires careful planning. Otherwise, you could be spending unnecessary money. If you choose a system that is too small, there could be a room that isn’t cold enough, or the unit can overheat. A unit too large for the space can make the rooms in the house feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, the HVAC technicians at Bloomington Heating & Air have put together this handy guide on how to pick the right size HVAC unit for any home!.

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Consider The Cost Of The Unit

The first thing to know when trying to find your next HVAC unit is how much a new unit will cost. To start calculating, several factors need to be considered, the first being the energy efficiency and size of your home. A larger home will probably need a bigger and more expensive HVAC unit, but money can be saved if there is insulation in the walls and energy-efficient windows. Each HVAC unit is designed for different heating and cooling capacities measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), and a higher BTU means a greater expense because they can produce cold air for more spacious homes.

Get The Right Unit For The Space

One of the easiest ways to calculate how many BTUs a home may need is to find out the square footage of the home. While there are some charts available to give a rough estimation based on a range of square feet. A good rule of thumb to follow when calculating BTUs is that the HVAC system needs about 20 BTUs per square foot of the house. Though this can result in HVAC choices that aren’t as efficient or cost-effective.

Have A Professional Do A J Calculation

Conducted by a professional, a manual J calculation can give an exact number of BTUs that are needed for your home’s AC as it considers more than just the size of the space being cooled. Factors like climate zone, heat-generating appliances, number of people in the space, sun exposure, and insulation are also taken into account.

Choose A Unit

When it comes down to making a decision, we recommend picking the HVAC system that will provide a comfortable temperature, even if it is a little more expensive. Take factors like energy efficiency and durability into consideration and make sure that you are sticking to your budget. In the case of HVAC units, the cheapest option isn’t the best quality and most of the time it will not give a high resale value when putting your house on the market. If you’re unsure of what unit is best for you, one of our HVAC professionals will be happy to help!

Common Mistakes When Buying An HVAC System

Going With The First Estimate
So now that you’ve picked out the right size HVAC unit, you are ready to install it. When it comes time for installation, it’s important to find a reliable contractor, as a poorly installed HVAC system could break down unexpectedly. At Bloomington Heating & Air we have the experience, knowledge, and tools for expert HVAC installations. Getting several different cost estimates from several different trustworthy companies can make sure that you get a high-quality product that works with your budget and housing needs.

Buying The Wrong Size Unit

The phrase “the bigger the better” doesn’t apply to choosing an HVAC unit. One that is too large can cause some serious problems for your home and health. If it is too large, it won’t remove enough water vapor from the air and can cause an uncomfortable level of humidity in the house. An HVAC unit that is too large can decrease energy efficiency while driving up the cost of energy bills, while a unit that is too small is under constant pressure and is constantly running, which can also increase energy bills.

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