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Ductless AC systems are growing in popularity, and the hype isn’t undeserved. However, misinformation and myths are still prevalent among potential buyers. To help set the record straight, Bloomington Heating & Air reviews some common myths and lets you know the truth.

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Costs More To Install

This myth requires some digging to uncover the truth. If you’re considering replacing an entire HVAC system, investing in a mini split AC is well worth the investment comparatively. If you’re planning to install multiple ductless split systems in larger areas, it can be a more expensive investment. However, if you’re adding on to your home, multiple systems are more cost-effective than installing a new ductwork system to connect with the HVAC system.

Requires More Maintenance

While both traditional HVAC systems and a ductless AC system require preventative maintenance, the mini split AC unit has indoor and outdoor components that are easier to access and maintain. This is especially true compared to ducts attached to traditional HVAC systems, which can cause many issues on their own and are harder to get to for repairs.

Aren’t Energy Efficient

Because ductless AC units can work independently of one another in different rooms, some believe that they aren’t efficient in heating or cooling a home. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, ductless AC units have a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings). That’s because they don’t have to heat or cool the whole house at once and can be used to heat only the rooms you want, saving money and energy for the homeowner.

Only Used For Remodels Or Add-Ons

While ductless AC units are excellent options for home upgrades, remodels, and add-ons because of their flexible installation, they also make a great choice for new constructions. Installing ductwork in new constructions can drive up costs and extend the time it takes to complete the work. Opting for a ductless AC unit can bypass the need for ducts and a dedicated room to house the HVAC system, saving time and money.

Can’t Be Used With Ductwork

While ductwork isn’t necessary to have mini splits, that doesn’t mean that ductless units can’t be used with ducts. In fact, more homeowners are taking advantage of existing ductwork with a mini split air conditioner to still reap the benefits of zoned temperature control. It also still maintains its energy efficiency, making it a great choice for updating homes. 

Only Used For Supplemental Heating Or Cooling

A ductless system can control the heating and cooling of an entire house without using a central HVAC system. When it’s properly sized and installed, the system can keep any room cozy all day long. To help with efficiency, the space should be adequately insulated to maintain a consistent temperature. It’s best to work with a knowledgeable HVAC technician familiar with the correct sizing and installation requirements.

You Can Install Them Yourself

While a ductless system can be easy to install, that doesn’t mean that homeowners should take on the task themselves. It only looks quick and easy when professional HVAC contractors do it because they have the experience to do it right the first time. Contact Bloomington Heating & Air for HVAC installations that you can depend on!

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