Energy-Saving HVAC Tips For Summer

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For many homeowners, summertime has become almost synonymous with blasting the AC and high utility bills, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple tricks and enough maintenance, your HVAC system can become more efficient and use less electricity. Follow these simple steps to ensure your home stays comfortable and cool throughout the summer, and contact us to schedule HVAC service or to learn more about our wide variety of AC services. 

Seal Wall & Window Cracks

If your AC unit is turning on frequently throughout the day without rest, it could be a sign that your home is not sealed properly. Check your window frames, walls, and doors for any small gaps where cold air might be escaping, and use caulk or a similar sealant material to seal them. Also, consider installing under door draft stoppers for any unsealed doors leading outside your home.

Repair Sooner Rather Than Later

Much like any other electrical appliance, your HVAC unit is comprised of an intricate system of parts that are all susceptible to recurring damages when left unattended. One cracked or corroded component could eventually lead to other parts or the entire system to break down, resulting in poor efficiency and even more expensive repairs. Make sure to schedule AC repairs as soon as you know something is not working — your wallet will thank you later.

Insulate Your Attic & Garage

You’ve probably heard that insulating your attic and garage are great ways to lower heating bills in the winter, but the same could be said about utility bills in the summer. Insulating these areas can help keep cold air inside your home, so your AC doesn’t have to work twice as hard. One simple way to insulate your attic is to place a thick rug over the door connecting it to the rest of the house. To insulate your garage make sure your garage door is flushed completely against the floor and install a draft stopper for the door connecting the garage to the house.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

This might seem counterintuitive at first, but turning on your ceiling fans can actually help lower your electricity bill by circulating the cold air produced by your HVAC unit. Just make sure your ceiling fans are set to spin counterclockwise — most fans have a switch on them that controls their blades’ spinning direction.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The best way to ensure your AC unit operates at its best is to schedule enough routine maintenance sessions with licensed and experienced HVAC technicians. For a streamlined and hassle-free scheduling process, we recommend enrolling in one of our HVAC maintenance plans. During a maintenance session, our technicians will thoroughly examine your unit for any signs of malfunction and underperformance. We’ll then notify you right away of any issues worth looking into.

Upgrade Your Cooling System

Older homes, in particular, could greatly benefit from an updated AC unit. Not only are newer models more energy-efficient, but they also have better air filtration systems to help with indoor air quality. Installing a new unit might cost you more than simply repairing your current one, but the long-term savings and health benefits should more than make up for the costs. If you are unsure about what types of cooling systems would work better in your household, contact our HVAC experts right away to help you decide.

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