Energy-Saving Tips For The Winter

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Once the winter temperatures start to roll in, most homeowners’ first reaction is to reach for the thermostat and crank the up the heat. While this may bring temporary comfort to everyone in the home, the resulting energy bill can certainly be a nightmare. To help avoid any unnecessary costs while still staying warm throughout the chillier months, follow these tips from the HVAC technicians at Bloomington Heating & Air.

Consider Using A Space Heater

If the members of your household tend to only go back-and-forth between one or two rooms, there really is no need to heat the entirety of the home. While space heaters are typically more energy-consuming than the home’s heating system, one or two space heaters are going to use less energy overall than keeping the heater on all day. Keep a space heater in high-traffic areas such as the bedroom and the living room, and see if they provide adequate heat — just make sure to turn them off before leaving or sleeping.

Bundle Up

Throwing on a few extra layers or getting under a toasty blanket is one of the easiest methods of staying warm while indoors without breaking the bank. Gradually lower the temperature on the thermostat until the temperature inside is cool enough to still be tolerable with a blanket or thick jacket on. While this isn’t likely going to affect energy costs, every small bit of energy saved helps reduce heating costs for the month.

Install A Smart Thermostat

Setting back the temperature on the thermostat can save upwards of 10 percent each month on heating costs, yet it’s not uncommon for homeowners to simply forget or not be bothered with changing the temperature on a daily basis. Programmable thermostats help mitigate this issue by keeping the home heated during times of the day when members of the household are active and keep temperatures lowered when everyone is out of the house. Most smart thermostats can even be programmed for a weekly schedule, so it’s easy to set up and start saving without having to mess with the settings daily.

Take Advantage Of Sunlight

Opening blinds to let in sunlight can provide some much-needed natural warmth to the home without adding any extra expenses to a homeowner’s electricity bill. Keep south-facing windows uncovered throughout the day, as these windows receive the most direct sunlight, and keep other windows covered with thick curtains to prevent any unnecessary drafts. Don’t forget to draw the curtains back over the windows when the sun begins to set to help retain heat.

Switch Ceiling Fan Rotation

It’s easy to neglect the ceiling fan as temperatures begin to fall, but it can actually help add some warmth to the room if used correctly. Most ceiling fans come with a small switch on them to adjust rotation — flip this and the fan will begin spinning in a clockwise rotation. This helps gradually push warm air down to the floor of the room, allowing it to slowly rise again and overall warming the temperature in the room.

Perform Heating System Maintenance

A well-maintained heating system produces heat much more efficiently than a neglected one. Regular HVAC maintenance can ensure everything is running smoothly and that there are no clogs, dirty filters, or faulty parts keeping heat from properly being distributed throughout the home. To schedule heating maintenance, contact our HVAC repair team at Bloomington Heating & Air today!

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