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When your home heating unit seems to be working just fine, is maintenance really necessary? Invariably, the answer is: Yes. The fact that a heating system is operational doesn’t mean it’s also running efficiently or won’t break down in the future. HVAC maintenance addresses both of these concerns, and because winter conditions often reach freezing, residential heating maintenance in Bloomington is critical. Here’s everything you need to know about HVAC maintenance from Bloomington Heating & Air.

The Costs Of Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

To appreciate the benefits of heating and AC maintenance, it helps to understand how a lack of maintenance can be harmful. Without maintenance, an HVAC system becomes dirty as dust and dirt accumulate on the filter and internal components. Ostensibly, an unmaintained system works like normal, but other consequences can occur.

Higher Utility Bills

HVAC filters regulate incoming airflow for optimal performance. But as they accumulate dirt over time, the filters can become overly restrictive. In response, the HVAC system must use more energy to take in the same amount of air as it did before with a clean filter. As this is happening, you may not perceive a difference in the heating system’s operations. But you’re higher utility bill will reflect the consequences of a lack of maintenance.

Expensive HVAC Repairs

Filters also protect an HVAC system’s components from airborne debris, but some dust and dirt come through. Short-term, the consequences are negligible. But long-term, dirt causes increased wear and tear that may result in a broken component, an electrical short, or another problem that requires repair. Wear and tear also shorten the lifespan of an HVAC unit, requiring replacement prematurely.

The Benefits Of Planned Maintenance (In The Fall)

Planned maintenance helps keep an HVAC system operating efficiently year-round. With a new filter and clean components, the unit can consume less energy and suffer less wear and tear. One maintenance step you can take is to change out the filter every one to three months. If you have questions about filter sizes, or which filter works best with your system, consult a technician. You should also contact a technician for HVAC maintenance and repairs at least twice annually.

During the winter months, people depend on their heating systems every day and night. In anticipation of such heavy use this winter, we recommend that you schedule furnace and heat pump maintenance for the fall. Knowing that planned maintenance can reduce the chance of a heating unit breakdown, you’ll want to have your system checked out before relying on it the most.

How To Schedule Heating Maintenance & Repairs In Bloomington

You can make your home warm this winter by scheduling heating system maintenance from Bloomington Heating & Air. As part of our planned maintenance services, we follow a comprehensive inspection checklist for HVAC systems. If we encounter worn or broken components, we replace them on the spot. We also swap out the air filter and clean the unit’s interior and exterior, so it runs at maximum efficiency.

Our planned maintenance is available year-round, but we recommend you schedule at least one visit in the fall. In the middle of winter, the loss of heat, even for one night, could be dangerous. Scheduling planned maintenance today makes sure your home stays warm later. And should a heating breakdown occur, call Bloomington Heating & Air right away for 24-hour emergency repairs. 

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