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As winter sets in, your furnace becomes an invaluable asset in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. However, if your furnace is not running as efficiently as possible, keeping your home warm and cozy can come at a high cost. Various factors determine the efficiency of a furnace, ranging from the type of fuel it uses to its age and maintenance history. Taking steps to optimize your furnace’s efficiency not only lowers your energy bills but also extends the lifespan of the furnace.

Our experienced HVAC technicians at Bloomington Heating & Air can help ensure your furnace is working optimally. No matter what type of furnace you have, our heating services company can complete a comprehensive inspection and provide custom solutions to optimize your heating system. Contact us today in Bloomington, MN, to learn more about how to care for your furnace and schedule a service for furnace maintenance today.

Keep Air Filters, Vents, & Surrounding Areas Clean

When maximizing your furnace’s efficiency, keeping the air filters, vents, and the area surrounding the furnace clean and clutter-free is crucial. Dust and debris can accumulate in these areas, leading to restricted airflow and causing a decrease in performance. A clogged filter or vent can also lead to an accumulation of carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous to your household’s health. Ensuring the filters are regularly changed, the vents are regularly vacuumed, and any obstructions around the furnace are removed can allow for better airflow and reduce the furnace’s workload.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

Rather than running your furnace at full blast while you’re away from home, you can program it to lower the temperature slightly. You can also set zones on smart thermostats that allow you to prioritize certain areas of your home. So whether you prefer a cooler temperature at night or warmer days over the weekend, you can customize your furnace usage accordingly. It’s a small investment that can significantly impact your annual heating bill and overall home comfort. It can significantly impact how well your furnace serves you and prolong the life of your furnace.

Help Keep The Heat Inside

The most efficient furnaces can still struggle to maintain comfortable temperatures if the heat is not properly contained within your home. To maximize your furnace’s performance, there are several steps you can take to help keep the heat inside. Consider how heat can escape your home through windows and doors to prevent heat loss. Things like keeping curtains closed at night, installing weatherstripping around windows, and using an under-door draft stopper limit heat loss and keep your home cozy.

Another valuable technique to help distribute warmth throughout your home is to use a ceiling fan in conjunction with your furnace. Turning on fans in a clockwise direction helps to circulate warm air throughout the room. They help pull warm air up toward the ceiling and then distribute it back down to the floor, creating a steady, even flow of heat. Using a fan in this way can decrease your energy costs and increase your furnace’s efficiency.

Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance

Ensuring your furnace is regularly maintained and inspected is essential to home maintenance. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can proactively identify and address any issues present in your furnace before they lead to larger problems. A failure to maintain your furnace can lead to reduced efficiency, increasing both your energy bills and the frequency of breakdowns, especially during periods of high usage. Reducing the risk of costly repairs or premature replacement and schedule regular maintenance today

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