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Your heating and cooling system keeps you comfortable, but it also makes your air ducts dirty. They may not be an eyesore since they’re concealed behind walls, but dirt, debris, and allergens in air ducts reduce indoor air quality and the efficiency of your HVAC unit. If you haven’t inspected your air ducts recently, Bloomington Heating & Air recommends the following steps.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

You’ve most likely seen the air vents located near the floors or ceilings in your home. These are the points of ductwork that you can access to clean. But ductwork is actually an extensive network that runs throughout the house. It transports air from the heating and cooling unit to all (or most) rooms. Therefore, to clean the majority of the ductwork, you’ll need to schedule an HVAC duct cleaning professional.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Duct Cleaning

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The average home produces nearly 40 pounds of dust annually. When you vacuum, sweep, or dust, some particulates evade and are sucked into the air ducts. Furthermore, air ducts can grow moist from indoor humidity levels and become breeding grounds for mold. While outside substances, such as smoke, pollen, and chemicals, can find their way into ducts, as well. As a result, air ducts can become dirty after only a few months’ time. Follow these steps to remove some of that unwanted dirt.

Inspect Inner Ductwork

With the vent register removed, you can now peer into the ductwork and assess its condition. For better visibility, use a flashlight or camera with a flash. In this stage, you’re inspecting for any significant issues that would require an HVAC professional to intervene, including an insect or rodent infestation or substantial mold growth. Absent any major issues, the next stage is to clean away dust and other debris. Using an extended duster or vacuum hose attachment, clean as far back into the ductwork as you can safely reach.

Remove Vent Registers

Vent registers are the points where air leaves the ductwork and enters individual rooms. Most registers slide open and closed and direct airflow in a chosen direction. These grill plates also prevent debris from entering the ductwork. Two screws hold a register in place. Using a screwdriver, unscrew and remove the vent register. Next, wipe down the vent cover with a wet rag to remove any dust buildup on the back. Removing the register also gives you a clear view of the ductwork for the next stage of cleaning.

Professional Duct Cleaners

Following the industry-standard advice, you should schedule HVAC maintenance and repair services twice yearly. During these bi-annual visits, the technician can perform duct cleaning services. With industrial-strength vacuums and powerful compressed-air tools, HVAC technicians remove all traces of dirt from the ductwork system.

Benefits Of Having Clean Air Ducts

Clean ducts provide a range of benefits. By eliminating dust, pollen, and more allergens, clean ducts make the air more breathable for allergy-sufferers and everyone else. Meeting less resistance from debris in the ducts, your HVAC system runs more efficiently and uses less energy. Its components also have less wear and tear. Furthermore, clean ducts produce a cleaner, more dust-free home with no musty and stale smells emanating from the vents.

HVAC Duct Inspections In Bloomington, MN

When it’s time for a duct inspection, Bloomington Heating & Air is here for you. Because of our commitment to customer service, Bloomington, MN, homeowners have trusted us with their heating and cooling needs for many years. And as HVAC tools and technologies advance, we have stayed on top of the trends, yet our philosophy that the customer comes first remains forever unchanged.

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