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Summer heat can make it a necessity to have air conditioning. Even at night, temperatures can stay high enough to require constant cool air circulating in the home. But having your AC on all day and night can quickly drive up energy costs. In order to stay cool this summer, while maximizing your injury savings at the same time, there are certain measures you need to take. One of these is to ensure that your AC unit is always in proper working order to increase efficiency. At Bloomington Heating & Air, we provide Bloomington air conditioning service to keep you cool and save money during the hottest months of the summer.

Tips To Keep Bloomington Cooling Costs Low

There are a variety of ways that you can reduce your AC bills during the summer months. Here are a few of the the easiest things you can do to save both energy and money.

Use Circulating Fans

Using a ceiling fan or any other form of circulating fan will be able to cool down a room several degrees through the wind-chill effect. The wind-chill effect causes the denser cool air that is closer to the floor to circulate throughout the entire room. Fans do not make a room cooler, they just make it feel cooler allowing you raise the temperature in your air conditioner and save you money. When leaving a room, remember to turn off any fans in use to avoid wasting energy.

Use a Digitally Programmed Thermostat

Many people make the mistake of keeping their AC unit working at full power even when it is not needed. This is a quick and simple way to drive up your energy bill costs. In order to use your Bloomington AC unit more efficiently, invest in a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat you will be able to control the temperature in your home throughout the day without manually having to change it. Set your thermostat a few degrees warmer during the hours when nobody tends to be home and have it cool down shortly before you return. Have it a little warmer during the night as well when everyone is sleeping since temperatures outside are not as hot at night and when you’re sleeping you’ll likely not feel the slight temperature changes.

Avoid Heat Buildup

During the day when temperatures are at their highest, avoid using unnecessary appliances and lighting that could warm up your home. Turn off any lights when not in use, avoid using the stove and instead grill outside or use the microwave, wash dishes by hand and try letting your clothes air dry rather than using the dryer. Also, try putting up reflective blinds in rooms the receive the most sunlight during the day as this will reduce the heat in your home and require less effort from your AC. 

Maintain Your AC Unit

Checking that your AC unit is always in proper working order will ensure that it is as efficient as possible and not costing you any unnecessary money. Even the smallest of issues could cause your unit to overexert itself and use up more energy than needed. Even worse, it could eventually break down and leave you in the heat. By scheduling regularly planned maintenance, a technician can inspect every aspect of your AC regularly to ensure that all filters are clean, there are no damages to the mechanism and nothing is impeding air flow. If there is an issue, we can provide you with air conditioner repair Bloomington residents can trust to keep them cool during the dog days of summer.

Air Conditioning Services In Bloomington, MN

At Bloomington Heating & Air, we know how important it is to have a properly working AC unit during the summer. Cool airflow in your home can maintain comfortable living temperatures as well as protect you and your family against the risks of overheating and dehydration. Contact us today for Bloomington AC services that will keep you chilled out when summer temperatures soar.

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