Tips For Summer HVAC Maintenance To Keep You Cool

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As the summer months arrive, ensuring your HVAC system is running properly is important. Without proper HVAC maintenance, you risk expensive breakdowns and sweltering heat indoors. Check out our tips for summer HVAC maintenance that can help keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. At Bloomington Heating & Air, our experienced HVAC technicians can ensure your air conditioner operates at its peak efficiency throughout the season, contact us today to schedule an appointment for comprehensive air conditioning services.

HVAC Inspection In The Spring

An annual HVAC inspection in the spring allows professionals to identify potential issues and complete any necessary AC repairs before the weather gets too hot. During a professional HVAC inspection, technicians check air filters, examine refrigerant levels, inspect the ductwork for leaks or blockages, and adjust components as needed. These measures can help keep your system running efficiently and prevent expenses caused by neglecting regular maintenance. Contact our local HVAC repair company today to schedule a thorough inspection of your HVAC system.

Replace Air Filters

Checking and replacing your air filter is a task that should be completed every 1–3 months. However, we understand many homeowners forget to check if their filter needs to be replaced. Fortunately, the start of a new season is the perfect time to replace your air filter! Changing your air filter at the start of spring can help ensure your air conditioning system runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the season.

Flush The Drainage Line

An air conditioner’s drainage line is an important part of the unit that removes condensation from the evaporator coil, which can build up and cause a blockage if not monitored and cleared out regularly. Clogs can also lead to water damage and mold growth inside the home, along with reduce efficiency, causing your AC unit to struggle and operate less effectively. To prevent such issues, our HVAC technicians can inspect the line and remove debris or build-up as needed.

Clear Debris & Clean Outdoor AC Unit

It is important to keep the outdoor AC unit free of debris and clear of obstructions like leaves. Not only does this help keep it looking neat, but it also helps the unit run better and more efficiently. Leaves and debris can interfere with proper airflow and block important components, potentially damaging the unit. Additionally, cleaning off dirt build-up from time to time will prevent corrosion that can wear away at the metal over time. Anytime you clean your outdoor AC unit, turn off the power first or contact our professional technicians to ensure it is completed effectively and safely.

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