What Temperature Should You Set The Thermostat In Summer?

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Summer temperatures can peak into the 90s, sending people to drop their thermostats low in an attempt to combat the heat. However, they soon start to notice this extra use of their ACs drives up utility bills. The trick is to strike a balance between keeping cool and keeping your AC running efficiently. To help, Bloomington Heating & Air is providing these tips for thermostat settings while you’re at home, away, and sleeping, plus some additional money-saving tips. 

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During The Day

The hottest times of the day can put the most strain on your AC and end up costing you the most. While many people can rely on the cooling systems while at work, the uptick in people working from home has put an extra demand on HVAC systems to cool all day long. To avoid wear and tear on your AC, not to mention higher utility bills, it’s generally best to keep your thermostat set at 78 degrees. When you match the outside temperatures as close as possible, your AC won’t turn on as frequently. However, if you have a medical condition, you may require cooler temperatures throughout the day. The key is to keep the temperature consistently as high as you safely can. 

During The Night

Lowering the temperature at night can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, putting your body in a hibernation-like state. Optimal sleeping temperatures can range from 60–67 degrees, which provides a lot of room for experimenting with what temperature works best for you. To most efficiently use your AC during the cooler parts of the day, start at a temperature you think is best and then raise it by a degree. If you’re comfortable with the new temperature, try raising it another degree the following night. Continue to do this until the temperature is no longer comfortable for you. Keeping the temperature as close to 67 (or even higher if you’re comfortable with it and sleep well) can help save you money. 

When You’re Away

If you’re away during the day for work or are planning to go away on summer vacation, set your thermostat up 7 – 10 degrees higher than your standard 78 degrees. If you have young. healthy pets, do not exceed a temperature of 83 degrees, and if you have older pets, set the temperature even lower. If you’re going away for an extended holiday, don’t turn your AC off completely. While you may be tempted to turn it off to save money, you’ll come home to stale air and may potentially have mold issues from a lack of airflow.

Tips To Stay Cool & Save Money

You don’t have to rely on just the AC to stay cool. Ceiling fans and floor fans help your body cool down naturally and don’t use much energy. However, be sure to turn them off when you’re not home, as they don’t provide actual cooling effects for open spaces. Additionally, be mindful of when you use appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine. These can add extra heat to your home during the day, so it’s best to use them in the cooler evening. Taking cooler showers can also help keep you cool and try to avoid introducing additional heat and humidity into your home. In addition, it’s important to schedule routine HVAC maintenance to ensure your AC is working efficiently and to take care of AC repairs before they become larger, more expensive issues. If you have an older AC unit, having a new AC installed can help lower the cost of utilities, helping to recoup its cost over time.

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