Reasons To Make An Emergency Furnace Repair Call

Nov 27th 2023

There are many reasons why your furnace may experience problems and fail to adequately heat your indoor spaces. But is your problem a furnace emergency? Read this guide from our HVAC repair company, Bloomington Heating & Air, about reasons you should make an emergency furnace repair call!

How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Air Conditioner

Nov 08th 2023

Poor and unhealthy air quality alerts sweep across the United States as wildfires and other phenomena affect outdoor air. Here, Bloomington Heating & Air offers numerous solutions to improving your indoor air quality.

Why You Shouldn't Open The Windows While The AC Is On

Oct 24th 2023

Your air conditioner is vital to your comfort, your health, the habitability of your home, and the level of your indoor air quality. Here, our AC company, Bloomington Heating & Air, discusses why it's a bad idea to open your windows while your air conditioner is turned on.

Early Signs Of A Failing Furnace

Oct 08th 2023

Winter weather in Minnesota is harsh and can be unforgiving. By addressing the early signs of malfunction, you can save time, money, and the hassle of costly furnace repairs.

5 Reasons To Get An HVAC Maintenance Plan For A New System

Sep 30th 2023

When you purchase a new heating and air conditioning system, you may wonder if an HVAC maintenance plan is necessary. While it's tempting to skip out on extra costs and bank on your new equipment's reliability, a lack of preventative care could lead to significant problems.

Signs Of A Malfunctioning Furnace

Sep 15th 2023

As the temperature drops, you rely on your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable. However, when your furnace malfunctions, it can cause major headaches and discomfort.