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Anyone Can Need Emergency AC Repairs in Bloomington, MN

Turning on the air conditioner is something many people do every day with little thought behind it. But what if you flip on the switch on the thermostat and the unexpected happens? Maybe you hear a loud noise, notice a puddle of water on the floor, or see ice on the evaporator coils. Or perhaps … [Read More]

4 Simple Ways To Keep A Windowless Room Cool

In addition to supplying natural light, windows can help provide fresh airflow and remove stale air in a room. Without that crucial airflow, rooms with no windows can become disproportionately hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable compared to the rest of the house. Whether it’s a basement, office space, man cave, entertainment room, garage, storage space, or … [Read More]

Ductless AC System Myths

Ductless AC systems are growing in popularity, and the hype isn’t undeserved. However, misinformation and myths are still prevalent among potential buyers. To help set the record straight, Bloomington Heating & Air reviews some common myths and lets you know the truth. Our HVAC company has years of experience providing outstanding HVAC repairs and installations. Contact … [Read More]

4 Problems Caused By An Oversized AC Unit

When replacing or upgrading your home’s air conditioning system, there are many factors to consider, such as what size it should be and the system’s heating and cooling capacity. When picking the size of your new air conditioning unit, remember bigger isn’t always better. An oversized AC system can have unfortunate drawbacks. Below, the experienced HVAC … [Read More]

Types of Cooling Systems in Minnesota

All home cooling systems are the same, right? Not exactly. While every air conditioning system can create a pleasant indoor environment as the outdoor weather soars, each system produces conditioned air in a different way. With over 35 years of experience, Bloomington Heating & Air has helped many customers choose — and perform air conditioning installations for — … [Read More]

Common Issues With Older ACs

With regular maintenance and timely professional repairs, a home air conditioner can last at least a decade. If your unit has gone through more than a handful of Minnesota summers, you may begin to notice one or more of these common issues with older ACs. Bloomington Heating & Air provides high-quality repairs and service for … [Read More]

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