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Why You Shouldn’t Turn Off The AC When You’re Not Home

Shutting off the AC before you leave the house may seem like a simple way to save electricity — after all, if no one is home, the temperature inside the house shouldn’t matter, right? Unfortunately, turning off the air conditioner often causes more problems than it solves. Even worse, you might end up using more electricity in the long-run. … [Read More]

Got Mold In Your AC Unit? Here’s How To Tell

The AC services that your home needs often depend on its location. In Minnesota, for example, the mixture of summer heat, humidity, and dust makes indoor mold growth one of the central concerns for central air systems. Mold doesn’t just make air conditioners run less efficiently, the unwanted fungus also lowers indoor air quality and could even put your … [Read More]

Winterize Your Air Conditioner For Optimal Performance

As frigid temperatures blow through the winter season in Bloomington, MN, it’s not likely that many homeowners have their air conditioners on their minds. Oftentimes, as summer transitions to fall and fall turns to winter, one area of the home that is often overlooked is the outdoor air conditioner unit. Winterizing your air conditioner is … [Read More]

Tips to Stay Cool in Bloomington, MN

As summer approaches, we can feel the temperature begin to rise more and more each day. Summer and heat come hand in hand but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend the next several months hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. There are various tricks that you can try to stay as cool as possible without … [Read More]

How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health & HVAC System

Your air conditioner is vital to your comfort, your health, the habitability of your home, and the level of your indoor air quality. As the fall season arrives, you may feel inclined to open your windows and allow the beautiful outdoor air to venture indoors. But before you do, make sure your windows are closed! … [Read More]

Getting To Know The Parts Of Your AC

Think of your air conditioning system as a symphonic orchestra many different parts working together seamlessly to achieve the end result. When everything is running smoothly with your cooling system, you likely don’t notice the components inside this unassuming box allowing the system to provide your home with cool comfort. Yet, when you discover what … [Read More]

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