As the snow falls and temperatures drop, more people find themselves huddled up indoors with a hot beverage or soup! But when the temperatures begin to drop inside your house, it can quickly become uncomfortable for you and your family. Before reaching to turn up your thermostat, try these helpful, affordable tips from our heating repair company to keep your house warm — no matter the weather.

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Use Thick Curtains

Thick, thermal curtains can help you save on your utility bills. These curtains' heavy fabric lining helps conserve heat and prevent warm air from leaving your home. There are plenty of different curtain designs to choose from! Because this method is inexpensive, you can enjoy the warm indoor air without blowing your budget on maintaining your family's ideal temperature.

Unblock Heating Vents

Before the weather gets too chilly, it's important to check your heating vents and ensure they are free from dust, dirt, and debris. In addition, dirty air filters can impede your home's airflow. We recommend changing these filters every three months. Don't forget to check your warm-air vents, heaters, or radiators as well, and make sure your rugs or furniture are not blocking warm air from circulating properly.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Most people forget to utilize this simple, easy fix for cold homes! Set your ceiling fans so their blades rotate clockwise rather than counter-clockwise. To do this, ensure your fan is turned off and completely still. Next, check for a switch on the motor and flip it. If you have a more updated fan, use your remote control to reverse the fan's direction. The blades are then able to push warm air from the ceiling downward, right toward your family sitting on the couch!