Seasonal Tips for Your Furnace & A/C

Find Your Ideal Climate: Kids, Pets and Vents. The lowly vent in your home is overlooked and stepped over every day. Fall and springtime are an ideal time to take 15 minutes and check your vents. These should be free from clogs and debris which can find its way in there easily, especially during the long Minnesota summers when kids and pets go in and out all day. Make sure your intake is clean and dust-free, and clean out the in-floor registers where pet hair and even kid's toys will often end up. Don't be surprised if you find something funny in there — take a picture and send it to us! All in all, when your vents and intake registers are clean you'll have free flowing, comfortable climate throughout your home.

Do It Yourself. Check your air conditioner unit outside for leaves, twigs and branches. If the unit is running and you hear clicking, it may indicate that the fan blades are hitting something. That means less than peak performance and possible damage if you let it continue. Give us a call to come check it out and keep you comfortable.