Seasonal Tips for Your Furnace & A/C


Find Your Ideal Climate: Kids, Pets and Vents. The lowly vent in your home is overlooked and stepped over every day. Fall and springtime are an ideal time to take 15 minutes and check your vents. These should be free from clogs and debris which can find its way in there easily, especially during the long Minnesota summers when kids and pets go in and out all day. Make sure your intake is clean and dust-free, and clean out the in-floor registers where pet hair and even kids toys will often end up. Don't be surprised if you find something funny in there — take a picture and send it to us! All in all, when your vents and intake registers are clean you'll have free flowing, comfortable climate throughout your home.

Do It Yourself. Check your air conditioner unit outside for leaves, twigs and branches. If the unit is running and you hear clicking, it may indicate that the fan blades are hitting something. That means less than peak performance and possible damage if you let it continue. Give us a call to come check it out and keep you comfortable.


Avoid dry spells in the winter with humidifiers that help keep even temperatures throughout your home. Humidity helps retain and distribute heat — a key ingredient of efficiency and comfort in the colder months.

You can save money by keeping your heating and air systems tuned up and operating at peak efficiency.


Change your air filters. They keep your systems and fans running smoothly while capturing allergens and dust.

Got ceiling fans? Use them. Ceiling fans help circulate warm air on cold spring mornings and  cooler air on warm summer afternoons.

Find Your Ideal Climate: Efficiency. Air conditioners placed in direct sunlight can use up to 10% more electricity than those in shade. Consider planting shrubs or shade trees nearby to shade your air conditioner. Remember, not too close! You need to keep the airflow open.

Is your central air conditioner 12 years old (or older)? Is your central air conditioner 12-years-old — or older? If so, replacing it with an Energy Star model from Bloomington Heating & Air can cut operation costs up to 30 percent while saving on maintenance. That means the unit pays for itself. So why wait?

Some like it hot! Remember that for each degree you raise your temperature in your home you can save as much as 9% in your energy cost. So find your ideal climate and keep it there.

Consider creating cooling zones in your home with new digital thermostats. Check out the Carrier line and then call us to set up a consultation. We'll help you find your ideal indoor climate!


In the springtime, slowly reduce the humidity in your home a little bit at a time. There will still be cold snaps in our Minnesota springs, so you don't want to simply turn it on and off.

Find Your Ideal Climate: Clean air is comfortable air. Face it, getting a cold due to springtime allergies is downright miserable! Dealing with allergies in the spring or a late-season cold is never something you'd invite. So make sure you're changing your air filters regularly. Air filters extend the life of your heating and cooling system by filtering out most of the dust, pollen, and other particles in your home. Don't know where your air filters are? Call us. We'll walk you through it.

Check your air conditioner unit for ice. It's not unusual for them to ice up during our extreme winters. Give them the once-over before you switch them on. Better yet, call us and we'll run through a complete diagnostic test to help you find your ideal climate!