What You Should Know About Humidifiers

Having the correct level of indoor humidity can make your home a more comfortable and healthier place to live. One way to maintain the right humidity level is with a humidification system, such as a humidifier, which increases the moisture in the air around you. By regulating the humidity level, whether it’s in a single room or your entire home, a humidifier can improve the air quality of your home, which has benefits for your health and reducing the wear on your house.

Choosing a Humidifier for Your Home

Since humidifiers are available in different sizes and configurations, finding the correct device for your home is easy. If you have a single room in your home that needs the humidity level improved, a stand-alone humidifier is a great option. The advantage of a stand-alone humidifier is the versatility of moving it between rooms. However, different room sizes require different units. Also, a stand-alone humidifier needs to be refilled with water and operated manually.

On the other hand, if you would like to maintain the ideal humidity level throughout all the rooms in your house, a whole-home humidifier is ideal. A whole-home humidifier requires minimal work from you once it’s installed because it connects to your home’s HVAC system and utilizes its water supply. Whole-home units also tend to be quieter and provide more consistent humidity levels for small rooms compared to stand-alone humidifiers. Additionally, a technician can provide upkeep to your whole-home humidifier during routine HVAC maintenance.

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Benefits of a Humidifier

Dry air in your home can have negative effects on your health by contributing to dry skin and spreading airborne germs or viruses. Low humidity can also present a threat to your home by causing wood to crack on the floors, walls, or elsewhere. Thankfully, the benefits of a humidifier can eliminate these problems from dry air.

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Because it has more moisture in it, the humid air from a humidifier can naturally replenish dry or itchy skin while also preventing it from becoming irritated again. Moist air can also improve respiratory health, particularly during allergy season, because the humidity can soothe a dry nose, throat, or eyes.

Your home can also benefit from a humidifier. Moisture in the humid air, for example, helps keep the wood throughout your home from drying out, shrinking, and cracking; this also applies to other wood-based items like furniture or wallpaper. Additionally, humidifiers are associated with decreased levels of static electricity in the air, which can also make your home feel safer and more comfortable.

Advantages of a Humidifier in Winter

With more than 25 years as a residential HVAC company serving Bloomington, MN, and surrounding areas, Bloomington Heating & Air has seen how beneficial a humidifier can be for dealing with dry winter conditions. It’s a fact that cold air makes the humidity level drop, which can lead to challenges for your home as well as your family’s health. Thankfully, a humidifier can offer two benefits that are great for winter.

In winter, the incidences of cold and flu seem to spike, but a humidifier can reduce the risk of these illnesses because it improves air quality and inhibits the spread of viruses and germs. And if someone does catch a cold or flu, a proper level of humidity in the home is soothing to symptoms such as congestion.

Another benefit of using a humidifier in the winter is that it can make your home feel warmer. Although a humidifier doesn’t actually raise the temperature of your home, the moist air of a humidifier may slow the rate of evaporation of sweat, which can leave your body feeling warmer and help reduce heating costs.

Benefits of Humidifiers on Air Quality

We explained that a humidifier can offer health benefits by improving the indoor air quality of your home. The way a humidifier provides this improved air quality is by reducing the circulation of airborne irritants like dust. The fewer the particles of dust in the air, the higher your air quality will be.

Additionally, too much humidity in your home can also have health consequences because it can result in mold that is hazardous to breathe. But just as a humidifier can add moisture to the air, so too can it regulate the humidity levels of your home, which helps prevent mold from forming and thus improves your indoor air quality.  

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If you’re interested in learning more about humidifiers and their benefits, our team of professionals at Bloomington Heating & Air is available to answer your questions. You can also contact us to discuss the range of humidifier products we have available and which is most suitable for your home. With over two decades of experience serving the greater Bloomington area, our company can help make your house a healthier and more comfortable place.