Heading Out? Keep The AC On When You're Not Home

Jul 08th 2020

Shutting off the AC before you leave the house may almost be second nature — after all, if no one is home, the temperature inside the house shouldn’t matter, right? In actuality, turning off the air conditioner when you leave can ...

Poor AC Airflow: Causes & What To Do

Jun 08th 2020

To help narrow down what might be causing poor airflow and how to fix it, the professionals at Bloomington Heating & Air have outlined some common areas to inspect.

HVAC Tips For An Energy-Efficient Home This Summer

May 27th 2020

For many homeowners, summertime has become almost synonymous with blasting the AC and high utility bills, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple tricks and enough maintenance, your HVAC system can ...

AC Not Cooling? Beware Of These Common AC Problems

May 04th 2020

Summers in Minnesota can soar over 100 degrees. If your air conditioning isn’t working properly, temperatures like that can be more than uncomfortable — they can be ...

Why You Shouldn’t Close Your Air Supply Vents

Mar 09th 2020

Indoor temperature control is something many Minnesota homeowners don’t give a second thought to — that is, until ...

Heating & Energy-Saving Myths

Jan 07th 2020

Not all energy conservation tips are created equal. While some winter energy-saving tips recommended by experts can help homeowners effectively reduce ...